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4 top trends stimulating Europe e-learning market outlook over 2020-2026

Author : Ronak Bora | Published Date : 2021-01-13 

The onset of COVID-19 pandemic across the European economies resulted in the crippling of various business including the globally humongous construction and automotive industries. Ironically though, the pandemic hasn’t been able to impact the burgeoning dynamics of the e-learning industry across the continent. In fact, coronavirus pandemic offered a significant boost to the overall e-learning market in Europe, as education institutions and corporate offices switched to online modes of connection, adopting digital learning techniques to ensure smooth business operations while also looking forward to abiding by the social distancing norms.

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Graphical research., predicts that the Europe e-learning market is poised to record a valuation of USD 130 billion by the end of 2026, on the grounds of below mentioned trends:

Government intervention to augment use of e-learning platforms during pandemic times

While countries across the Europe, including Italy, were facing the wrath of COVID-19 infection, paralyzing several businesses and witnessing nationwide lockdown, various state and central governments came up with an idea of shifting corporates and educational institutions on digital platforms. Adding to this, these governments have begun undertaking required measures to proliferate the use of e-learning platforms so that education and corporate sectors observe constant and smooth functioning.

For instance, the Italian government had in early 2020 designed a website to support schools activate vivid forms of online learning during the lockdown period enforced due to pandemic scare. The links of several sections of the page enable users to reach and use the tools and platforms made feasible to educational institutions free of charge, enabled by particular protocols signed by the Ministry of Education.

In line with this, European Union had also generated funds to develop European Data Portal for facilitating e-learning program to provide clear introduction to open data, offer supporting materials, and deliver training on its basics. Such initiatives are likely to offer a positive growth trajectory to the overall e-learning market across Europe.

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Technological breakthrough in e-learning

Europe has been undergoing tremendous technological and digital transformations in the field of e-learning over the past few years. Reports suggest that a strong technology landscape across the region is expected to contribute massively to the regional e-learning market.

The government of Germany has constructed a framework for action with the 5G strategy that was launched in 2017, with the motive of bolstering network expansion and advancement of 5G applications in the country.

Needless to mention that strong connectivity and robust telecom infrastructure across various economies will potentially augment the deployment of e-learning technologies in the region over the forthcoming years.

Increasing penetration of mobile e-learning

Europe boasts of a huge network of mobile phone users, which accounts for the expanding e-learning market scenario across the region. As per various credible sources, smartphone ownership rates are near to six in ten in different developed economies such as Poland, Russia, and Greece. This has enabled the mobile e-learning market to gain massive momentum in the near future. In addition to this, rising penetration of robust internet connectivity in conjugation with escalating smartphone adoption would positively influence the overall market growth.

Amplified picture of e-learning adoption across corporate sector

Across the overall Europe e-learning market, strategically driven by a huge application spectrum, the corporate sector is poised to accrue tremendous gains in the years to come, perhaps due to the incorporation of latest technologies to gain maximum productivity and profitability. Employers have been laying immense focus on adopting training techniques that enable them to reduce the training time during work hours while delivering them required work flexibility.

Apparently, these factors are driving the demand for mobile learning solutions which offers the employees an access to videos on the go.

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