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Animal Feed Application Market 2018-2024 | Global Future

Author : Rahul Sankrityayan | Published Date : 2019-04-30 

Global Market Insights, Inc. has added a new report on Protein Hydrolysate for Animal Feed Application market that provides a comprehensive review of this industry with respect to the driving forces influencing the market size. Comprising the current and future trends defining the dynamics of this industry vertical, this report also incorporates the regional landscape of market in tandem with its competitive terrain.

Rising demand for healthy and nutrient enriched animal feed coupled with growing consciousness about livestock health should stimulate the demand of protein hydrolysate for livestock feed application. The product has been considered as a significant ingredient as it provides sufficient amount of peptides and collagen for the healthy growth of poultries, swine, goats, sheep, and equine, thereby driving the product demand.
Fish protein hydrolysates are highly used in the poultry industry owing to its rich content of protein, calcium and fats which are highly essential for the growth of broilers. Fish residues are used in poultry and cattle feed which ultimately results in delivering of healthier milk and eggs, which will parallelly drive the demand of protein hydrolysates.

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It is imperative to mention that commercialization of protein hydrolysate for animal feed application market is majorly influenced by the changing trends of animal feed additives industry. The humongous business space, having been forecast to exceed 25-billion-dollar frontier by 2024, is itself proof enough to the plethora of opportunities of protein hydrolysate in animal nutrition. The marketplace has also gained a traction from the multitude of players partaking in the competitive arena, consistently focusing on expanding their regional prominence. Citing a latest precedent, Arla Foods Ingredients has apparently strengthened its position in dairy protein hydrolysate sector with the opening of its new factory in Nr. Vium, Denmark. Reportedly, this USD 45 million worth plant would be able to produce nearly 4000 tonnes of casein and whey hydrolysate per annum.

Coming to the source portfolio of protein hydrolysate for animal feed application market, fish protein hydrolysate has indeed turned out to be an opportunistic investment spot for potential contenders. Statistics depict, a huge amount of marine fishes are utilized in sea food sectors annually, leading to an accumulation of approximately 100,000 tons fish byproduct /year. The mammoth chunk also includes small fishes that do not match up with the quality criteria and are deployed in industrial process. These low valued fishes, despite containing essential amino acids and proteins, are usually discarded from aquaculture sector and fisheries. According to FAO (The Food and Agriculture Organization), more than 35 million tons of whole fish are annually castoff in commercial fisheries.

Hydrolysis of fish protein has proven to be a viable strategy for economic gain by converting fish processing waste into high value products, with an improvement both in quantity and quality. In fact, numerous research works over the years, unanimously revealed that low valued marine fishes have the potential to be utilized as a protein source for formulating protein hydrolysate. Statistics further backing it- overall fish protein hydrolysate for animal feed application industry is forecast to exceed a valuation of USD 320 million by 2024, as per Global Market Insights, Inc. Regionally, APAC is claimed to witness a prominent hold on this particular business vertical, particularly on account of its expanding aquaculture industry. With the growing appetite for sea food in China from aquaculture and fishing, APAC protein hydrolysate for animal feed application market is expected to exceed a valuation of USD 260 million by 2024.

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Speaking of its growth prospects on a global scale, protein hydrolysate for animal feed application industry is forecast to surpass a revenue of USD 835 million by 2024. The business space is strongly characterized by R&D developments, in a bid to expand and enhance its application ranges. Recently, a team of researchers from renowned Sao Paulo University in Brazil have examined that swine liver hydrolysate in varying amount can be used as a substitute in carnivorous fish diets. Reportedly, the study evaluated the impact of graded level dietary SLH on the health and performance of farm raised dourado juveniles. As an outcome of the study, it has been suggested that this alternative protein could replace proposed amount of fish meal in the diet, without any noticeable undermining on the growth quotient. Though more research work is needed to examine the effect of ultra-filter swine liver in fish diets, the study undeniably portrays the extent by which protein hydrolysate have been exploited in animal feed application industry. One of the anticipated trends that remains to be seen in protein hydrolysate for animal feed application market is how the sustainability trend in animal feed and livestock productivity leaves an impact on this business space.

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