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Antibacterial Glass Market Study for 2020 to 2023 providing information on Key Players, Growth Drivers and Industry challenges

Author : Ravi Chawat | Published Date : 2020-08-31 

Antibacterial glass market technology is undeniably one of the most critical innovations in the world of glass design. It is known for remarkable antimicrobial effect which makes it best suited for applications in places that require strict hygiene. Its antimicrobial action can substantially minimize the formation of bacteria and limit the spread of fungi.

Silver is generally used as the active ingredient in antibacterial glass technology. The process involves the diffusion of silver ions into the upper layers of the glass. These ions interact with the bacteria that form on the surface and eliminate them. Its antibacterial effect is ongoing. The product is available in a variety of forms and designs, including clear glass, painted glass, and mirrors.

Painted antibacterial glass and antibacterial glass mirrors is generally preferred for use in hospitals, healthcare laboratories, clinics, bathrooms, and showers. Clear antibacterial glass can be used as a partitioning or for double glazing.

Positive application outlook in healthcare facilities

In healthcare institutions, antibacterial glass market is largely used in isolation rooms, sterilization rooms, geriatric, oncology, and hematology units, burns units, maternity units, infirmaries, and clinics. The technology is also widely used in healthcare laboratories, pharmacies, and rest homes.

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Antibacterial glass solutions are gaining significant prominence in the healthcare industry due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, which has resulted in rapidly increasing hospitalization rates in most countries. The glass offers an effectively clean surface at all times, helping hospitals and healthcare professionals to minimize the spread of infections. Hospitals staff as well as patients do not handle glass as frequently as they would for curtains, which minimizes the contact between people and surfaces.

Table of Contents (ToC) of the report:

Chapter 7.    Competitor Profiles

7.1.    AGC

7.1.1.    Business Overview

7.1.2.    Financial Data

7.1.3.    Product Landscape

7.1.4.    Strategic Outlook


7.2.    Archello

7.2.1.    Business Overview

7.2.2.    Financial Data

7.2.3.    Product Landscape

7.2.4.    Strategic Outlook


7.3.    Beijing JiYan-Tech Co. Ltd

7.3.1.    Business Overview

7.3.2.    Financial Data

7.3.3.    Product Landscape

7.3.4.    Strategic Outlook


7.4.    BÜFA Glas GmbH

7.4.1.    Business Overview

7.4.2.    Financial Data

7.4.3.    Product Landscape

7.4.4.    Strategic Outlook


7.5.    Corning Inc.

7.5.1.    Business Overview

7.5.2.    Financial Data

7.5.3.    Product Landscape

7.5.4.    Strategic Outlook


7.6.    Essex Safety Glass Ltd.

7.6.1.    Business Overview

7.6.2.    Financial Data

7.6.3.    Product Landscape


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Future opportunities amid global COVID-19 pandemic

In addition to hospitals, antibacterial glass market is prominently used in bathrooms, showers, sports halls, gymnasiums, and swimming pools. The product can be also used to replace common-use places such as canteens waiting rooms, and toilets. The worldwide coronavirus outbreak has resulted in the closure of many public places including gyms and swimming pools to stop the spread of the virus.

As governments in many countries plan to lay down a clear roadmap for lifting of the lockdown, the need for antibacterial glass market solutions is anticipated to rise. Gymnasiums, swimming pools, restaurants, canteens, waiting halls, and public toilets are expected to take active measures and make necessary changes to the infrastructure, which can include the installation of antimicrobial glasses, to maintain a hygienic environment and minimize the risk of the virus spreading.

Some of the factors limiting the technology adoption

The coronavirus pandemic has posed several challenges for the industry. Lack of availability of raw materials due to the pandemic has resulted in a considerable demand-supply gap, while slowdown of production activities have impacted the glass supply. The product demand will be also affected by several regulatory concerns as well as low degree of awareness regarding the presence and benefits of antibacterial glass.

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