Asia Pacific Probiotics Market is Expected to Grow Owing to Increase at $1.5 Bn by 2026

Author : Ronak Bora | Published Date : 2021-08-27 

Highlighting key trends across Asia Pacific probiotics market

Asia Pacific probiotics market size is seeing tremendous surge lately. Probiotics offer many health benefits and are microorganisms that are quite important for the overall health of an individual. They are normally found in different cosmetic products, food items like yogurts and ice-creams and dietary supplements as well. Some of the most common probiotics are healthy bacteria like Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, viruses, protozoa and fungi like yeasts.

Probiotics help maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria in the body and even boost the overall immunity system of an individual. They help fight harmful bacteria and increase the recovery rate of patients after they have fallen ill. The compounds are seemingly effective in treating diseases like diarrhea and boost a person’s mental health.

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Asia Pacific probiotics market is anticipated to go past $1.5 billion valuation by 2026. The top trends that will keep this industry looking forward are explained below:

Lactobacillus products will see increased demand:

Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, Bacillus and Streptococcus are the key types of probiotics. Out of these, lactobacillus will witness surge in demand among end-users in Asia Pacific probiotics market. This is because it is quite beneficial in treating various ailments like diarrhea, colon inflammation, stomach pain, and swollen digestive tract.

Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly using Lactobacillus as one of the main ingredients in their products as there are several consumers who are falling prey to colon diseases and indigestion. Since the medicines contain these bacteria, they are quite effective in treating the mentioned illnesses.

Human beings will increasingly use probiotics in their diet:

Human consumers are predicted to be the largest consumers of Asia Pacific probiotics market region. One of the main reasons for this is the rising use of pharmaceutical and dietary supplements among the people of the region. The demand for these supplements is seeing an upward trend in countries like India and China because the overall disposable income of their population is on the rise, leading them to spend more on these nutritional products.

The increasing awareness about the health benefits of probiotics has led many consumers to buy products like fortified food items and supplements that are rich in probiotics.

India and Vietnam will witness higher probiotics consumption:

Some of the major developing countries like India and Vietnam will play a vital role in propelling the development of Asia Pacific probiotics market. One of the major reasons for this is the rise in the disposable incomes of the population of these countries. They are now able to splurge heavily on health and wellness products that will improve the overall quality of life.

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Livestock production in these economies has increased by many folds over the years. This has prompted several animal farmers to heavily use probiotics as an animal feed additive to boost the health, growth and development of their animals. Some renowned companies engaged in manufacturing probiotics across Asia Pacific are Wellness Foods, DSM Nutritional Products Inc., Probiota Asia, BY-HEALTH, Bluestar Adisseo Company, Kemin Industries, among a few others.

Table of Contents (ToC) of the report:

Chapter 1   Methodology & Scope

1.1    Market definitions

1.2    Market assumptions & forecast parameters

1.3    Appendix

1.4    Data Sources

1.4.1    Primary

1.4.2    Secondary

Chapter 2   Executive Summary

2.1    Asia Pacific probiotics market summary, 2015 - 2026

2.1.1    Business trends

2.1.2    Product trends

2.1.3    End-Use trends

2.1.4    Application trends

2.1.5   Country trends

Chapter 3   Asia Pacific Probiotics Industry Insights

3.1    Industry segmentation

3.2    Industry outlook, 2015 - 2026

3.3    Value Chain

3.4    Regulatory overview

3.5    Market factor analysis

3.5.1    Growth drivers

3.5.2    Growth restraints

3.6    Competition review

3.7    Porter’s analysis

3.8    PESTEL analysis

3.9    Impact of COVID-19 on probiotics demand by application

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