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Atmospheric Water Generator Market to Witness Widespread Expansion during 2020 – 2026

Author : Ronak Bora | Published Date : 2020-09-02 

North America atmospheric water generator market is expected to grow over USD 510 Million by the end of 2026. Increasing number of installations in household and commercial institutions in U.S. owing to prevailing water borne diseases may contribute towards product demand in this region. Presence of various companies engaged in developing brine solution technology and modify design may have positive influence on product demand in this region. Supportive government regulations including Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) is formulated by EPA to protect public drinking water. Thus, aforementioned factors should promote regional atmospheric water generator market growth.

According to market analysis, Atmospheric water generator market from industrial application is expected to grow over 30% by the end of 2026. Atmospheric water generator has wide application scope in various industries including oil & gas, paper and steel industry.  These industries use desalinated water for drinking which incurs high water loss and cost. These systems provide safe and clean water in a cost-effective way which is likely to boost product demand. Technological innovations pertaining to power supply through solar energy in these devices may have positive influence on industry growth.

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In locations where water is polluted or is scarce, these atmospheric water generators act as a reliable source of clean and safe water. In domestic applications, atmospheric water generators can eliminate or reduce the need for bottled drinking water.

Additionally, natural disasters like hurricanes or failure of public water infrastructure like pipe corrosion resulting in contamination problems, have further augmented the interest in atmospheric water generators technology in both emergency & long-term supply solutions.

One of the key advantages of AWG is the cost efficiency of the product. The other advantage of this method of water retrieval is that no extra operating costs is incurred, and since these generators are autonomous, so there are no electricity bills as well.

Industries requiring frequent travel like military, can utilize AWG to produce water when the resources are running low. It is also useful in places where there is less amount of clean drinking water or a camp in a desert in continuously supplying hydration.

It is also beneficial for emergency and medical use. Having atmospheric water generators during recovery efforts further helps in sourcing drinkable water for families, medicine & blood, to store supplies, as well as other water-intensive requirements.

Atmospheric water generator market is likely to witness momentous growth through the forthcoming time period due to technological advancements and rising demand from large-scale industries. Atmospheric water generators take out water from the surrounding air and passes it through filters to remove particulates and bacteria. This water is clean and free of chemicals and other hazards.

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Key manufacturers include Drinkable Air, Inc, Energy and Water Development Corp (EWDC), LLC, Ray Agua and Akvo Atmospheric Water Systems Pvt Ltd. In January 2020, EWDC announced sale of their self-adequate energy supply AWG system to a Mexico based company.  This system will be used to bottle clean water by one of the major water players based in Mexico. This may help the firm to increase its sales in the country.

Table of Contents (ToC) of the report:

Chapter 1    Methodology & Scope

1.1    Market definitions

1.2    Base estimates & calculations

1.3    Forecast calculations

1.4    Data Sources

1.4.1    Primary

1.4.2    Secondary    Paid Sources    Public Sources

Chapter 2    Executive Summary

2.1    AWG industry 3600 synopsis, 2020 - 2026

2.1.1    Business trends

2.1.2    Regional trends

2.1.3    Product trends

2.1.4    Application trends

Chapter 3    Atmospheric Water Generator Market Insights

3.1    Industry segmentation

3.2    Industry ecosystem analysis

3.2.1    Vendor matrix

3.2.2    Distribution channel analysis    Licensing Agreement    Collaboration    Service Providers    Distributors    Technology Providers

3.2.3    Effect of COVID-19 on industry value chain

3.3    Technology landscape

3.3.1    Cooling condensation    Refrigeration condensing    Pressure condensing    Combination technique

3.3.2    Wet desiccation    Brine    Corrosion    Cost    Safety    Filtration    Air intake    Brine circulation    Water output

3.4    Pricing analysis

3.4.1    North America (USD/Unit)

3.4.2    Europe (USD/Unit)

3.4.3    Asia Pacific (USD/Unit)

3.4.4    LATAM (USD/Unit)

3.4.5    MEA (USD/Unit)

3.4.6    Cost structure analysis

3.5    Regulatory landscape

3.5.1    U.S.

3.5.2    Europe

3.6    Industry impact forces

3.6.1    Growth drivers    Middle East & Africa: Decline in freshwater reserves promoting AWG systems demand    Technological innovations    North America: Supporting regulations regarding safe drinking water which is likely to drive AWG demand

3.6.2    Industry pitfalls & challenges    High carbon footprint    High power consumption

3.7    Methods of water generation comparison

3.8    Comparative analysis

3.8.1    Cost comparison    AWG cost analysis    Desalination cost analysis    Water pipe infrastructure cost analysis

3.8.2    Water quality comparison

3.8.3    Environmental side-effects

3.9    Porter’s Analysis

3.9.1    Bargaining power of suppliers

3.9.2    Bargaining power of buyers

3.9.3    Threat of new entrants

3.9.4    Threat of substitutes

3.10    Growth potential analysis, 2019

3.10.1   Emerging business model    Collaboration/Joint ventures    Acquisitions

3.11    Competitive landscape, 2019

3.11.1   Strategic dashboard

3.12    Patent landscape

3.13    Potential market

3.13.1   Oil & gas

3.13.2   Military

3.13.1   Agriculture

3.13.1   Medical or healthcare

3.14    Buyer landscape

3.14.1   Potential buyers

3.15    Feasibility analysis

3.16    PESTLE Analysis

3.17    Impact of COVID-19 on AWG demand, by application

3.17.1   Industrial

3.17.2   Commercial

3.17.3   Residential

3.18    COVID-19 overview on world economy

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