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Automotive Fastener Market Report 2020-2026 – A Comprehensive Insights into Current Industry

Author : Ronak Bora | Published Date : 2020-09-14 

The automotive fasteners market is likely to observe momentous growth in the forthcoming time period owing to the growing vehicle production across the globe. Fasteners are tools or hardware devices that are utilized in order to hold materials together. It tends to be used everywhere, from a few household appliance or door hinges, in construction, automobile, infrastructure, machineries or other items which need assembly will also need fasteners to fix them.

Among the plethora of ways to connect objects, fasteners are considered to be best since these can be easily detached. Fasteners are used in a wide array of applications, and one of them being the automotive industry. Automotive fasteners are a collection of products that are majorly used in automotive and vehicle assembly. These are basically designed for certain models or masks of vehicles.

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The automotive fasteners market is segmented in terms of product type, material type, characteristics, end-user, and regional landscape.

Based on product type, the threaded fasteners are basically essential at joining various objects owing to their threaded design. These types of fasteners can easily be installed as well as can also be easily removed, since these have either external or internal screw threads. The most commonly used threaded fasteners is a screw. It comprises of pieces of metal which are cylindrical in shape along with a wrapping of threaded surface around the sides. In addition to this, the top of a screw head is basically used for driving the screw into a workpiece or an object.

Nut is another kind of threaded fastener, which is a circular piece of metal having a threaded interior surface. These are used in combination with bolt in order to link two or more objects. The nuts threaded interior is usually connected by the bolt threaded exterior. In addition to this, bolts are the third kind of threaded fastener. As mentioned earlier nuts connect to bolts by way of their individual threaded surface. Likewise, the bolts threaded exterior surface tends to act as a path for the threaded interior surface of a nut.

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With respect to materials, the market is categorized into plastic, steel, and others. Among these plastic fasteners are becoming popular in the automotive industry. This is generally because plastic is non-conductive, has a high tolerance for exposure to humidity and water, and is chemical & acid resistant. One can reduce the issues related to maintenance and the requirement for repairs by utilizing plastic fasteners.

From a regional frame of reference, the LATAM automotive fasteners volume share in 2019 was over 5% and will continue to showcase appreciative growth. MEA automotive fasteners market growth rate is expected to be over 3% across the forecast time period.

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Report Content

Chapter 1. Methodology & Scope

1.1. Methodology

1.2. Market definition

1.3. Market estimation & forecast parameters

1.3.1.   COVID-19 impact calculations on industry forecast

1.4. Data sources

1.4.1.   Primary

1.4.2.   Secondary Paid sources Public sources

Chapter 2. Executive Summary

2.1. Automotive fasteners industry 360° synopsis, 2016 – 2026

2.1.1.   Business trends

2.1.2.   Product trends

2.1.3.   Materials trends

2.1.4.   Characteristic trends

2.1.5.   Distribution trends

2.1.6.   Application trends

2.1.7.   Regional trends

Chapter 3. Automotive Fasteners Industry Insights

3.1. Industry segmentation

3.2. Industry size and forecast, 2016 – 2026

3.3. Industry ecosystem analysis

3.3.1.   Value addition

3.3.2.   Distribution channel analysis

3.3.3.   Value chain disruption analysis (COVID-19 impact)

3.3.4.   Vendor matrix    List of key manufacturers/suppliers    List of key potential customers

3.3.5.   Future trends including COVID-19 impact    Production trends         North America         Europe         Asia Pacific         LATAM         MEA    Demand trends         North America         Europe         Asia Pacific         LATAM         MEA

3.4. Raw material analysis

3.4.1.   COVID-19 impact on raw material supply, by region    North America    Europe    Asia Pacific    LATAM    MEA

3.5. Regulatory trends

3.5.1.   U.S.

3.5.2.   Europe

3.5.3.   Asia Pacific

3.6. Industry impact forces

3.6.1.   Growth drivers  Growing adoption of lightweight automotive materials to reduce vehicle weight  Ease of availability for raw materials  Increasing product manufacturing operations in China to cater the global demand  Increasing product demand from numerous automotive manufacturers in Europe

3.6.2.   Industry pitfalls & challenges  Dip in the automotive industry in the recent period may effect product consumption  Spread of COVID-19 will have a negative impact on the global economy

3.7. Growth potential analysis

3.8. Porter’s analysis

3.8.1.   Supplier power

3.8.2.   Buyer power

3.8.3.   Threat of new entrants

3.8.4.   Threat of substitutes

3.8.5.   Industry Rivalry

3.9. Competitive landscape

3.9.1.   Company market share analysis, 2019

3.9.2.   Strategy dashboard

3.10. Price trends

3.10.1. Regional price trends

3.10.2. Price by product

3.10.3. COVID-19 impact on pricing

3.10.4. Cost structure analysis    R&D Cost    Manufacturing and Equipment cost    Raw Material Cost    Distribution Cost    Operating Cost    Miscellaneous Cost

3.11.   PESTEL analysis

3.12.          COVID-19 impact on automotive fasteners demand by application

3.12.1. Passenger Car (PC)

3.12.2. Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV)

3.12.3. Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV)


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