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Ceramic adhesive market Statistics 2019-2025 by Products, Materials and Application Potential

Author : Rahul Varpe | Published Date : 2019-07-04 

Ceramic adhesive market is observing a steep rise due to growing building & construction industry in Asia Pacific. It has a broad application spectrum in flooring, tiling, roofing, etc. It is utilized for both industrial and domestic applications, though industrial use is more than domestic do-it-yourself purposes. Ceramic adhesive market is rising due to the need for structurally strong, heat and chemical resistant adhesives, especially in modern construction.

 It is used in one or two part compositions. Ceramics are also limitedly used in high-temperature applications such as automobile and aerospace. Due to this, the certain ceramic adhesive has also been developed with service temperature up to 2,200oC are have also been developed.

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Ceramic adhesive market product segment is divided based on material used in its production. It includes cyanoacrylate, epoxy, silicone, cement based, acrylic and others. Ceramic-based adhesives have the largest market share and are projected to grow fastest, over the forecast period. The prime reason behind its demand is the drying technique utilized in the process. For example, in flooring work, the tiles are heavy, and the cement based ceramic adhesive provide a uniform strength, flexibility and drying consistency over the other ready mix adhesives. 

As a result, the tile dries uniformly, rather than in few floor pocket areas. The epoxy-based ceramic adhesives demand is also increasing owing to its enhanced binding, waterproof, and thermosetting & thermoplastic properties. The other segments include polyurethane, alkali silicates and various metal phosphates.

Ceramic adhesive market application segments include building & construction, dental and others. It is used in various building & construction applications as architectural coatings, flooring adhesives, water-proofing membranes, elastomeric roof coatings, sealants, nonwoven applications, joint compounds, mortar modification, fiber-bonding, and mortar modification. Its other construction applications include carpet laying, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, resilient flooring, wall covering, pre-finished panels, and flooring underlayment. In dentistry, the product is widely preferred bonding material for a variety of direct and indirect dental bonding, restoration and sealing applications.

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The rising consumer spending on dental healthcare from the new, growing middle class in Asia Pacific will drive the product demand in the coming years. The other ceramic adhesive segment includes aerospace, packaging and automotive. Polyurethane-based ceramic adhesives are used in aerospace lamination, flexible packaging, and automotive ceramic parts assembly.

North America, Asia-Pacific and, Europe, will be the demand driving markets for ceramic adhesive. Asia Pacific will be the prime product demand driving region. Building & construction industry is rising in the developing Asia Pacific economies such as China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Some of the prime reasons are increased industrialization, budding investments, mounting population and urbanization in the region. 

According to the Asia Development Bank, Asia Pacific accounted for over 42% of global GDP at purchasing power parity in 2017. It also highlighted a fact that China, Japan, and India accounted for prime economies in the region. On the other hand, since 2017, the region is home to 55% of the global population. These developments will drive the construction industry in the future, creating ceramic adhesive market demand.

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