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Ceramic Inks Market to register commendable proceeds during 2019–2025

Author : Rahul Varpe | Published Date : 2019-10-14 

A comprehensive research study on Ceramic Inks Market introduced by GMI provides insights into the market size and growth trends of this industry over the forecast timeline. The study evaluates key aspects of industry in terms of the demand landscape, driving factors and growth strategies adopted by market players.

Growing demand for decorative flooring and aesthetically appealing wall tiles and other glass based applications will propel ceramic inks market over 2019-2025. Expansive construction activities in emerging economies will therefore positively impact the ceramic inks industry. Moreover, as the demand for residential places swells in rapidly urbanized regions of the world, greater scope will be created for ceramic inks industry.

Ceramic inks are made up of finely ground glass particles and metal oxide pigments that completely fuse with the surface of the glass or ceramic when exposed to the high-temperature curing process, which requires ovens that are capable of raising the surface temperature of the glass to over 1,000°F. This energy-intensive process results in a printed image that is nearly as durable as the glass itself. However, as manufacturers improve the adhesion of UV-curable organic ink, demand for these environmentally friendly ink alternatives will get much stronger.

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Given below are a list of factors that will positively impact ceramic inks market over 2019-2025:

Growing investment in construction industry to influence ceramic inks market

Rise in investment in the construction industry will boost the global ceramic inks market over the coming years. Ceramic inks has witnessed a rising appeal from the construction industry due to their high resistance to weather, water and various other liquids. These interesting properties of ceramic ink makes it the perfect choice for printing design on decorative glass as well as ceramic products like ceramic tiles and tableware.

Increasing investments by private & government sectors in the construction industry of the APAC region is generating demand for ceramic tiles, thereby fueling the growth of the ceramic inks market. Moreover, China, India, and the U.S. together are expected to account for 60% of all global construction growth, propelling ceramic inks market with growing construction projects in the countries.

Growing application of ceramic inks in the automotive sector

Ceramic inks provide long-lasting UV resistance, which makes them ideal for all types of automotive glass, aerospace glass, marine glass, and many other types of transportation glass that are exposed to the elements.

Anti-stick ceramic inks market is also gaining traction as digital printing on automotive glass is becoming more common. Anti-stick ceramic inks are being designed to fit the automotive industry standards that demand weathering resistance, scratch resistance, acid resistance, stain resistance and high durability. Anti-stick ceramic inks that are designed to be applied in a way that the glass could to be bent during the thermal process.

The automotive industry had taken a hit during the crisis years of 2008-2009 but has been recovering rapidly in recent years. In 2018 automotive production has been estimated to be back to pre-2008 levels, not only due to the demand from developed nations where the economy is rapidly recovering but also due to exponential demand recoded in the emerging economies of Asia.

In 2018 an estimated 70.5 million passenger cars had been produced by the international automotive industry and this figures is anticipated to surpass 80 million units in 2019. With the rising vehicle production rate, it is predicable that ceramic inks market will garner greater profits due to increasing utilization of the product in automotive glass.

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Extensive usage of ceramic inks in glass printing in cosmetics industry

One sector that ceramic inks have witnessed extensive application is glass printing. An instance to demonstrate the increasing demand of glass as well as ceramic inks that perform well on glass can be sited through the continually expanding cosmetics industry and its usage of glass packaging.

Spending on cosmetics has been on the rise every year. According to L’Oréal, the cosmetics giant, in 2016, global transactions of cosmetic goods was 4% higher than in 2015, amounting to an estimated €205 billion. However in the cosmetic industry, product packaging plays a significant role not only in maintaining the delicate composition of cosmetics but also in increasing their appeal to consumers and keeping the products competitive.

Brand design is of considerable importance in the highly competitive cosmetics market and special finishes that turn simple packaging into a real brand experience are in high demand. In perfumery & personal care markets therefore there is a healthy demand for ceramic printing inks.

Ceramic prints on glass containers have the advantage of being abrasion resistant. By substance, glass printing nearly accounts for half of the ceramic inks market size and is likely to grow significantly in coming years. The increased use of glass containers in also a notable trend in the cosmetics industry that will ass impetus to ceramic inks market as cosmetics industry is facing greater consumer demand to shift away from the use of plastic packaging and use more ecofriendly options.

Increasing disposable income and spending power of consumers for decorative flooring, wall tiles infrastructures along with extensive application in automotive, packaging, printing and other sectors, is estimated to fuel the ceramic inks market. As per Global Market Insights estimates, global ceramic inks market size would worth around $2.8 billion by 2025.

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