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Choline chloride market from human nutrition application segment is expected to accrue significant gains in the upcoming years

Author : Ravi Chawat | Published Date : 2020-09-10 

Choline chloride market from human nutrition application segment is expected to accrue significant gains in the upcoming years owing to choline’s ability to support the formation of vital bodily substances, say for example adrenaline and creatine, and also in fat conversion and various other metabolic reactions. Moreover, the nutrient is also been abundantly used as food additives and food flavors for human consumption.

Choline has emerged as a crucial nutrient in the swine feeds as the lack of this nutrient in this category of animals could lead to splayed or spraddle legs in newborns, poor reproduction and lactation, and fatty infiltrated of liver, while impacting the overall growth. Besides, as per estimates, choline requirement for developing pigs ranges from somewhere around 300 to 600 mg per kg of diet, while the same for adult swine ranges from nearly 1,000 to 1,250 mg per kg. Choline chloride is basically available for feed use as 70 per cent liquid or 50 to 60 per cent dry dilutions. Amongst these, the 70 per cent liquid choline chloride has been claimed economically viable to be directly added to swine feeds.

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Latin America has emerged as a remunerative growth ground for choline chloride industry over the years, given the expanding poultry industry and growing poultry meat consumption in the region. In fact, it has been predicted that the poultry meat consumption in Brazil is anticipated to surpass over 40.05 kilograms per person by 2028.

Some of the prominent companies operating in this market include Balchem, BASF SE, Sigma Aldrich, Jubilant Life sciences, Balaji Amines, Kemin Industries, and several others. Recently, Balchem Corp., announced expanding its product lines of PuraChol choline chloride and KeyShure chelated minerals that hold prominence in companion animal nutrition. The company’s new PuraChol line of choline products would now be made available in multiple forms, concentrations with liquid and carrier options.


A recent breakthrough in the global choline chloride market is indicative of how efficiently this business space has carved a profitable niche for itself in the billion dollar bulk and specialty chemicals industry. As per reliable reports, a clinical stage company engrossed in development of treatment for rare and specialty diseases- Protara Therapeutics-had in May 2020 announced receiving Fast Track designation for its Intravenous Choline Chloride for treatment of IFALD (intestinal failure associated liver disease) from the U.S Food and Drug Administration. According to officials, this move is expected to support potential for IV Choline Chloride to cater as the much-needed therapy for IFALD patients.

On the other hand, another instance testifying the rising prominence of choline chloride is Balchem Corp’s 2020 expansion of PuraChol choline chloride and KeyShure chelated minerals product lines. These lines are said to meet the applications in companion animal nutrition. Speaking on the expansion of PuraChol range of choline products, it has been apprehended the newly introduced products would be made available in different forms, concentrations, and carrier options, with liquid choline being one of the most common applications in companion animal nutrition.

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