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Contact Center Software Market is Projected to Experience Significant Growth by 2024

Author : Ronak Bora | Published Date : 2020-09-21 

Increasing importance of call centers for intensifying businesses has been fueling contact center software market share over the last few years. With the help of software, business development teams have been able to handle incoming calls, make outgoing calls, ensure workforce management, track key call center metrics, and load automated scripts effectively. The usage of software-based technologies for maintaining inbound and outbound customer communications across various business channels have been encouraging most of the industries to deploy call center software at their workplace. The advent of next-generation technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), cloud computing, and AI (artificial intelligence) has also proliferated the contact center software market share.

Speaking along the same line, currently, many of the contact center software developer companies have been investing to integrate more advanced features in their products for providing superior services. For instance, recently, Genesys has developed a new cloud-based workforce management software featured with AI. The use of AI technology in the existing software systems will significantly enhance the workforce accuracy. The company claimed that automated scheduling associated with AI will help the contact center to handle complex tasks and meet business goals easily. The decreasing deployment of outdated methodologies and technologies for dealing with advantageous business opportunities will further fuel contact center software market outlook.

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Rising consumer spending on electronics, clothing and other product categories has tremendously bolstered the retail segment worldwide, propelling the contact center software market revenue globally. Reports show that consumers rate customer service in retail sector higher than low prices and product quality, making it the most important part of the businesses retailers should be focusing on. Good customer service leads to more recommendation from consumers, which directly boosts product sales. Subsequently, retail is an ideal application base for the contact center software market, helping companies provide timely and dedicated service for taking care of any problems the customers communicate.

Major retail brands have employed contact centers to handle hundreds to thousands of queries, frequently asked questions and complaints they receive throughout their worldwide businesses. As these centers start to provide services like billing and telemarketing in addition to customer service, the contact center software industry will experience challenges from coping with enormous amounts for customer requests and data analysis. The advent of ecommerce retail has further given a remarkable boost to digital services, connecting more consumers with businesses and creating a demand for higher number of customer contact executives.

In 2017, the global ecommerce retail sales amounted to about USD 2.3 trillion, out of which world’s top three e-retailers contributed nearly USD 100 billion. This includes Amazon.com, which operates 13 country-specific websites and services at least 16 countries in all, including the U.S., U.K., India, Germany, Spain, France, among others. The vast ecommerce operations of Amazon indicate the probability of customer service requests from millions of people from diverse cultures, as it sells thousands of products in each country every day. Various other local and international e-retail platforms face similar concerns, offering outstanding growth prospects for the contact center software market from hundreds of online businesses.

Contact Center Software Market is projected to surpass USD 40 billion by 2024. The growing demand for meeting dynamic customer requirements, technological advancements in the field of machine learning, AI, and IoT, and the rising integration with social media platforms are the major factors driving the global contact center software market growth. The increasing demand for cloud-based contact center software solutions by various industry verticals including BFSI, healthcare, IT & Telecom, travel and hospitality, and government organizations also has a positive impact on the market.

The automation of contact center solutions also propels the market growth. The automation process brings up the self-service processes by enabling the customer service platform to automate low-level concerns, allowing the contact center agents to concentrate on complex and high-value interactions. This also helps organizations in saving costs and increasing the overall business productivity along with an augmented customer experience.

The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) segment dominates the contact center software market and accounted for over 15% of the market share in 2017. The rising adoption of smartphones by customers has replaced the traditional voice-based IVR with the visual IVR technology. This transformative platform allows customers to touch the screen menus and to get their required answers instead of waiting for the traditional IVR to read the unwanted options not required by customers. This visual IVR software handles around 75% of the customer service calls thereby transforming the functioning of contact center and leading to customer delight.

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The Latin America contact center market is projected to cross over USD 3 billion over the forecast timeframe. The regional growth is attributed to the rising adoption of new technologies including cloud computing, speech recognition, analytics, and AI accompanied by an increase in the demand for augmented customer experience. Various industry verticals including healthcare, telecommunications, and retail are investing in the Latin America contact center software market to deliver an omnichannel communication experience to its customers. The adoption of cloud-based contact centers in this region is still in the nascent stage with major development witnessed mainly in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Peru. Its adoption is anticipated to grow over the forecast period, mainly in the regions of Colombia and Costa Rica, driving the contact center software market growth.

Avaya, Cisco, Five9, Huawei Technologies, BT, and 8x8 are among the prominent vendors in the contact center software market. Other noticeable players include Ameyo, Enghouse Interactive, Aspect Software, Fenero, Genesys, Mitel, NEC, Nice, Nixxis, Oracle, Ring Central, Solgari, Unify, Verizon, and Vocalcom.

Table of Contents (ToC) of the report:

Chapter 5.   Contact Center Software Market, By Component

5.1.  Key trends, by component

5.2.  Software

5.2.1. Software market estimates and forecast, 2013-2024

5.2.2. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)   ACD market estimates and forecast, 2013-2024

5.2.3. Dialer   Dialer market estimates and forecast, 2013-2024

5.2.4. Call recording   Call recording market estimates and forecast, 2013-2024

5.2.5. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)   CTI market estimates and forecast, 2013-2024

5.2.6. Workforce optimization   Workforce optimization market estimates and forecast, 2013-2024

5.2.7. Customer collaboration   Customer collaboration market estimates and forecast, 2013-2024

5.2.8. Reporting & analytics   Reporting & analytics market estimates and forecast, 2013-2024

5.2.9. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)   IVR market estimates and forecast, 2013-2024

5.2.10.  Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) Intelligent virtual assistant market estimates and forecast, 2013-2024

5.2.11.  Others Others market estimates and forecast, 2013-2024

5.3.  Service

5.3.1. Service market estimates and forecast, 2013-2024

5.3.2. Integration and deployment Integration and deployment service market estimates and forecast, 2013-2024

5.3.3. Training and consulting Training and consulting service market estimates and forecast, 2013-2024

5.3.4. Support and maintenance Support and maintenance market estimates and forecast, 2013-2024

5.3.5. Managed service Managed service market estimates and forecast, 2013-2024

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