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Crafty Apes shifts to remote working with support of Teradici & RFX

Author : Saipriya Iyer | Published Date : 2020-04-09 

Crafty Apes, a full-service visual effects company, has recently announced the transition of its artists to working from home under the support of RFX Inc. and Teradici. Nearly 150 artists have been shifted by the company within around 1 week, out of which, 60 artists were transitioned in a day.

RFX is a leading provider of software and hardware solutions for visual effects studios. Teradici is a privately held software company and the creator of industry-leading PC-over-IP (PCoIP®) technology & Cloud Access Software. Through the support of Teradici, Crafty Apes has expanded its existing installation of PC-over-IP Remote Workstation Cards to support artists in the branch offices as well as remote locations from the centralized data centers. The PCoIP technology encrypts & sends only the pixels to artists’ remote endpoint with high-fidelity graphics performance and color at virtually no latency. The technology enables the secure storage of files in the office location ensures compliance with TPN (Trusted Partner Network) security requirements.

Artists at Crafty Apes are currently gaining full access & functionality of the workstations at office from home by using 10ZiG zero clients. They can also get access to the regular software apps such as Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, Houdini, and Nuke.

According to Tim LeDoux, Crafty Apes’ VFX supervisor, the company appreciates RFX & Teradici for providing technology solutions with high level of security to help the artists rapidly and successfully shift to working from home.

Ian Main, Teradici’s technical marketing principal, has stated that the VFX studios implement PCoIP tech to ensure long-term efficiency, security, and cost savings while centralizing workstations in the cloud, private data centers, or both. The company believes that a wide number of organizations can adopt this technology owing to its offering such as resiliency and agility.

RFX’s general manager, Cliff Edson, also stated that Teradici’s PCoIP technology delivers high performance, fidelity, and security requirements that can be implemented in various companies with different combinations and permutations of software, hardware, locations and projects to support.

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