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Dietary fibers market : Healthy food habits & preventive health are key factors influencing market dynamics

Author : Rahul Sankrityayan | Published Date : 2019-03-27 

The exponential growth of dietary fibers market has been a subject of pursuit since for a while now, given the increasing consumer inclination toward fiber fortified food consumption. Over the past two decades, dietary fibers have been well studied at a global scale with enough evidence on its health benefits. This, in consequence, has led the way for food scientists to explore its application in a variety of food items through efficient utilization of these fibers from both conventional as well as offbeat sources including the likes of agro-food processed byproducts. Meanwhile, advanced processing technologies like enzymatic conversion, micronization, and dry fractionation, are opening up new opportunities for dietary fibers industry giants to advance its utilization in functional food development. In fact, experts claim, consumption of adequate amount of dietary fibers reduces the chances of occurrence of a plethora of chronic diseases such as appendicitis, hiatus hernia, coronary heart diseases, constipation, and gallstones.

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In spite of the barrage of health benefits that dietary fibers market encompasses, it has been observed that the current intake level of fiber-rich food is still below the recommended belt in most of the nations. As recommended by the World Health Organization, a person should intake at least 30 gm of dietary fiber daily, while it has been noted that the average dietary fiber intake among U.S. adults is around 15 gms per day. many clinical organizations as wells as scientific communities have taken vigorous initiatives, in an effort, to elucidate the contribution of dietary fibers in promoting human nutrition, which in a way is navigating dietary fibers industry toward a profitable path.  As per Global Market Insights, Inc., global dietary fibers industry in the year 2016 pegged a valuation of USD 3 billion.

Speaking of the immense growth potential of dietary fibers market in the coming timeframe, it is imperative to mention the slew of initiatives that have been undertaken over the recent time by the industry giants, in a bid to increment the pace of advancements in this business space.  Below mentioned are some of the latest activities encompassing the competitive spectrum of dietary fibers industry:

  • Roquette, one of the most acclaimed players in dietary fibers industry, toward the end of last year, made to the headlines with the opening of new facilities and an innovation center in Singapore, China. Reportedly, the state-of-the-art facilities that include customer technical service, research laboratory and new regional headquarters, would allow Roquette to customize its products to address specific dietary and heath challenges such as obesity.
  • Naturex, a global leader in specialty plant based natural nutrients, has recently acquired Swedish Oat Fiber, a renowned manufacturer of oat dietary fibers, with an aim to ramp up its position in natural nutrition sector. As claimed by the French headquartered Group, the latest procurement comes on the heels of its long-term plan of expanding its business portfolio in dietary fibers industry.
  • Taiyo, an upcoming dietary fibers market giant, has recently launched a new range of all-natural water soluble Sunfiber variety, claiming that it can be used as a sweetener. Dubbed as Sweet-Sunfiber, this all new version, reportedly, combines FDA approved Sunfiber with isomalto-oligosaccharide. This later chemical compound is a natural byproduct of sugarcane or honey, which provides the `food a sweetness quotient. Experts believe the sweetness profile of the product would prompt consumers for an increased consumption, which would definitely reflect in the overall dietary fibers market share.

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In tandem with this, there have been some influential research efforts undertaken at a global level, which as per experts’ opinion, has played instrumental in proliferating dietary fibers industry trends. Say for instance, the triennial International Conference of Dietary fiber, has provided a great forum for food scientists and technologists at academia to gather enough knowledge about the diversified range of interdisciplinary fields of dietary fibers market. Tentatively to be held between June 4th to 6th, 2018 in Rotterdam, the 7th International Dietary Fiber Conference is reported to address all the sources of dietary fibers and their profound impact on human gut microbiome, food structure, and health. This global attention has opened up great investment opportunities for food giants in dietary fibers market, which is forecast to exceed a valuation of USD 10.5 billion by 2025.

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