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Europe has significant share in global caraway seeds market with use in pharmaceutical and food products to achieve a handsome CAGR in the given timeframe

Author : Rahul Sankrityayan | Published Date : 2019-03-15 

Global Caraway Seeds Market will witness a healthy growth owing to its application in food & beverages, cosmetic & personal care, pharmaceutical and baking industry. Surge in consumption of convenient and ready to eat snacks is major driving factor for product demand. Convenience food industry is growing at a CAGR of above 7.5% in recent years. Further their use in bakery industry for cookies and bakery are anticipated to propel caraway seeds market.

Caraway seeds or Persian cumin and meridian fennel belong to Apiaceae family and found in Europe, West Asia and North Africa. These have a distinct strong flavour and sweet taste owing to presence of ‘caveols’ and ‘carvones’. It contains essential oils and flavonoid antioxidants including carotene, lutein, zea xanthin and crpto xanthin that remove free radical harmful to our body thus preventing ageing, cancer and parkinson’s virus.

These are used as ingredient for production of liquor and beer.  It is extensively used in cosmetics, personal care products including lotions, soaps and perfumes to impart fragrance. Cosmetics industry has grown at a CAGR of around 4.2% in last five years that in turn is expected to boost the product demand.

Caraway seeds find their application in variety of cuisines due to their warm and peppery aroma. These are used in healthcare products including anti flatulent, improve digestion problem and contain antioxidants & dietary fibres. Additionally, it is consumed as flavouring agents in mouthwash and toothpaste.

These are enriched with iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, copper and magnesium. Iron and copper are major source in production of the red blood cells and zinc supports in regulating growth, sperm generation and digestion and potassium controls heart beat and blood pressure. Further these are rich in vitamin A, B complex, C and E.

Increasing demand for its alternatives such as fennel, anise and cumin has affected caraway seeds market. There are some health implications and its excess intake can lead to miscarriage in pregnant women. Patients suffering from diabetes need to check the consumption as these can lower the blood sugar. It can create complications during or after surgery and reduces the blood sugar level.

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On the basis of form, caraway seeds market is segmented into whole seed and powder and used in spices in both forms. In powdered form application including baking, cheese, rye bread, cake, stew and goulash and serves as ingredient for medicinal powder to relieve flatulence and gastrointestinal pains. As seeds, these are used in pickles, soups and salads and mainly consumed as condiment and flavouring base in cooking. Further, these are utilised for seasonal dishes.

It is widely used in pharmaceutical industry for treating colds and congestion. Additionally, treatment of fungus infections, candela infections, eye infections, rheumatism, toothaches and digestive problems including bloating, loss in appetite and mild contractions in stomach and intestine have enhanced the product demand. Their oil is useful for skincare for reducing wrinkles, lightening scars regenerating skin cells and treatment of inflamed and injured skin.

Based on application, caraway seeds market is classified into food, beverages (alcoholic & non-alcoholic), pharmaceutical, cosmetic & personal care and others. Food and beverage sector has significant growth with their use in savory dishes, baked cookies, as spices. Spices and seasoning market is expected at a CAGR of above 5% in next seven years.

Europe has significant share in global caraway seeds market with use in pharmaceutical and food products. European pharmaceutical industry is expected to grow by 29% up to 2024. that has spurred its consumption.

Asia pacific led by India has substantial share in the seed market owing to its use in various cuisines and huge demand in species. This region alone constitutes above 55% of global seasonings and spice market that is driving product demand.

Prominent players in caraway seeds market are SLEAFORD QUALITY FOODS, SMJ Exports, Great American Spice, McCormick & Company, Kalbey India Exim, Lionel Hitchen Essential oils, Aditya Agro Industries, Giza Herbs and Canadian Exotic Grains. Companies are trying to expand their business by increasing product portfolio with vast applications in different fields.

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