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Evolving electronics industry in Asia Pacific to boost the demand for transparent conductive films

Author : Ravi Chawat | Published Date : 2021-01-13 

Transparent conductive films are used across various applications, including electronics production. A rise in disposable income among people in both developed as well as developing countries has driven the sale of electronic items over the years. In developing countries such as India, the electronics industry between 2018-2019 was valued at USD 120 billion, according to InvestIndia.

LCDs, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, monitors, and wearable devices are some products that utilize these films. Some of the advantages of the product include robustness, minimal reflection, slenderness, and flexibility along with low power consumption.

These films are developed based on different types of technologies which comprises of ITO on PET, ITO on glass, silver nanowires, graphene, metal mesh, carbon nanotubes, and PEDOT. The improvement in telecommunications infrastructure has supported the sale of smartphones the world over, subsequently boosting the global transparent conductive films market size. 

Increase in penetration of smartphones

Among its wide application scope, transparent conductive films are widely used in the manufacturing process of smartphones. These are specifically used in touch-display technologies.  The increase in purchasing power, globally and the rise in penetration of the internet has supported the demand for mobile technology.

As of January 2020, more than 500 million Indians were using smartphones. The demand for such high-tech gadgets is growing due to their advanced features, superior connectivity offerings as well as improved multi-media features. Many smartphone manufacturers are working towards designing products with innovative technologies at a cost-effective rate to increase the consumer market.

Effects of coronavirus outbreak on the electronics sector

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the global electronics industry had largely suffered, due to the restrictions in the moving of people and raw materials, bringing about a temporary halt in the production capabilities. With gradual relaxations in the coronavirus norms, the industry is sure to regain strength in the coming times, pushing the demand for TCF.

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Competitive spectrum of transparent conductive films market

With an aim to expand their geographical presence, producers are resorting to strategic alliances, mergers, and acquisitions. This will not only help them increase their customer base but also their product portfolio.

In November 2020, a South Korean trading firm that specializes in advanced materials joined hands with an American company, CHASM Advanced Materials, Inc. Under this deal, the former has gained exclusive rights to the CHASM’s newly developed transparent conductive films “AgeNT”. With the help of this, the product designers and engineers can develop next-gen products. AgeNT comprises printed, flexible, transparent sensors for appliances and industrial displays.  

Other leading TCF manufacturers include 3M, TDK, Cambrios Technology, Eastman Kodak, Rolith, DuPont, and Nitto Denko, to name a few.

Evolving consumer electronics industry in Asia Pacific

A noticeable economic development in the Asia Pacific region over the years has driven the regional demand for consumer electronic items. The growing establishment of offices in the region, due to the factors like foreign investment has fueled the need for laptops, computers, LCDs, and tablets. Additionally, the growing demand for luxurious goods and the ability to spend on them will steer Asia Pacific transparent conductive films’ business scope.

The world today highly relies on electronic devices for the smallest of tasks. Be it booking a taxi, watching the news, or sending crucial data across the globe. This escalating dependence on electronic items and the efforts taken by its manufacturers to develop up-to-date products will propel the demand for transparent conductive films.

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