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Food colorants market to accrue appreciable returns from synthetic colors 2025

Author : Rahul Sankrityayan | Published Date : 2019-05-24 

Colors have been added to foods & beverages for centuries to stimulate appetite and enhance flavors. Global food colorants market, on these grounds, has been gaining quite some appreciation lately. Studies have found that colors play a crucial role in food perceptions. For instance, participants in a study when given a strawberry flavored candy that has been colored green instead of red have found it very hard to ascertain the flavor of the candy demonstrating that the color red helps people associate the strawberry flavor with the candy which in turn enhances the taste of the product.

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The food colorants industry has also received a major boost from the expansion of the food processing industry as processing of food can often affect the natural color of the food and food colorants are added to bring back the original color. Extending shelf life is also important in case of processed foods and to ensure that with extended shelf life the product does not lose its color, innovation in the food colorants industry has gained added pace.

In the present, visual centric world, color is one of the most important factors for determining what products will sell more. Judgment about quality of food and purchase decisions are also influenced by colors. For instance, studies show that consumers believe that intensely colored beverages contain more sugar than lightly colored one and thus buying light colored beverages. Manufacturers often use such king of psychological knowledge to add an extra edge to sell their products. Colors are therefore important in respect to foods as consumers often eat with their eyes first.

Technology has been playing an increasingly big role in the food colorants industry as with the evolution of food preparation, processing and packaging, adding colors to foods have become a unique challenge. some colors interact with high fat recipes while some others are affected by pH and many are affected by extreme temperatures and UV light which makes it difficult to retain product color during manufacturing and storage. As more manufacturers are leaning towards clear container packaging to showcase product color and content to consumers, the food colorants market is also changing to accommodate such trends. For instance, yogurt packaged in clear cups with fruits at the bottom have to ensure the usage of such colors that would not change on exposure to light and in which colors from the fruits in the bottom will not migrate to the white yogurt at the top.

Synthetic colors had for long dominated the dominated the landscape of food colorants industry as they are more stable, water soluble, can be applied at any temperature and their color shades do not change. In 2017, synthetic food colors accounted for 45% share in the food colorants market aided by their easy availability, extended shelf life and stability in different formulations. The expanding beverage industry especially, has been a major consumer for synthetic colorants, expanding the scope of food colorants market from synthetic products.

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But consumer demand for natural food colors has added a notable impetus to the natural food colorants market which is expected to surpass $2 billion by 2024. However, natural colors are often less stable, react to pH, light and air and are much harder to be incorporated in foods without some side effects. Formulators of natural food colorants have found it challenging to add natural colors in food that are water rich or that contain oils. Yet, food industry being consumer driven is rising up to the challenge and shift towards using more natural colors is being a palpable movement in the food colorants industry.

The young, tech-savvy consumers of the present age and their activities on the social media has added new growth avenues to the food colorants industry as adventurous, vibrant shades and designs as well as unexpected colors have become popular among customers who are always on the lookout to experience new foods and products. With technology enabling more scope for food colors to not only move from synthetic to natural but to establish a more emotional bond with consumers, it is anticipated that the food colorants market will register a diverse growth scope over 2018-2024.

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