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Gaming sector of GPU as a Service industry to majorly drive the application landscape

Author : Ronak Bora | Published Date : 2019-05-10 

GPU as a Service industry to set automotive sector on a deep learning curve

Artificial intelligence is transforming every aspect of the automotive industry, right from driving to design to manufacturing. Dashboard displays, automotive assembly, and vehicle concepting are all experiencing unprecedented innovation with the adoption of GPU-acceleration and deep learning. The rising trend of making driving experience safer, connected, and convenient is significantly favoring GPU as a Service market demand. The fledgling concept of connected cars and hybrid & electric powertrains, in the automotive industry, have considerably transformed the human-machine interface by the use of the latest graphics technology. Citing an instance, NVIDIA has marked a new step forward in GPU as a Service industry, by launching the Tesla M4 GPU to handle the real-time workloads such as video stabilization and image resizing. These GPUs are also very efficient for enhancing the cars’ machine learning interface. The incorporation of GPU technology in the core product designs and vehicle electronics is indeed a testament to the commendable scope of automotive application in GPU as a service market in the years ahead.

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GPU as a Service industry outlook from the gaming application

The ever-evolving digital gaming industry has been immensely energized by the integration of graphic processing units with desktops, workstation, mobiles, and gaming consoles. GPU plays a vital role in designing high gaming resolutions and system-build as they are designed to enhance the visual content and reduce the microprocessor load. The growing concept of AI and AR is currently on the front burner in the gaming cosmos, which is believed to be one of the most potential growth avenues for GPU as a Service market. Industry analysts predict GPU as a Service market to be strongly driven by the rising demand for enhanced gaming experience from different parts of the world. The ability of GPU to give real-time data and improve the overall experience & graphics of gaming shall bring renewed growth prospects to the business sphere. According to reports, the global gaming industry is expected to expand at a striking rate of 40% over 2017-2024 – a factor which signifies the huge growth potential for GPU as a Service market in the ensuing years.

According to latest reports, the overall shipments of GPU increased by 9.3% compared to the 2016’s findings. The hike is mainly attributed to the increased demand for graphics cards from the gaming and cryptocurrency applications, which in turn, has provided a significant push to the prominent GPU as a service industry players such as NVIDIA and AMD to intensify their production activities. In fact, experts cite, that the strong influence of artificial intelligence-fueled gaming is one of the prominent drivers augmenting the graphic chips giant, NVIDIA’s growth in the overall GPU as a Service industry.

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Cryptocurrency to emerge as an important future trend

Reports claim that GPU as a Service market’s sale got a huge boost from the cryptocurrency application, as the prices & stakes of cryptocurrency skyrocketed in 2017. It is needless to say that the dramatic jump in the digital currency prices in FY2017 has tremendously driven the demand for graphics cards. Speaking along similar lines, NVIDIA and AMD, according to reports, are launching graphics cards specifically designed for the lucrative cryptocurrency mining market. Touted to be one of the most viable growth sectors of future, cryptocurrency mining application is certain to seize profitable roadmap for GPU as a Service market down the line.

Furthermore, some of the Chinese giants such as Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu are extensively adopting Volta GPUs for enhancing and accelerating AI across their consumer applications. Apart from these, GPU as a Service industry is also witnessing major participation from the tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook, as they are also coming on board with the Volta AI-train.

Considering the competitive landscape, GPU as a Service industry include various companies operating as GPU hardware, GPU software, and cloud services providers. These players are trying to establish themselves in the growing GPU as a Service market by integrating their hardware and software expertise.

GPU as a Service industry’s fortune continue to rise, as multicore processing is proving to be a huge benefit for scaling visual contents, deep learning, natural language processing, speech recognition, and real-time information in the aforementioned applications. However, when it comes to utilizing the GPU technology, the automotive, gaming, and manufacturing industries are far ahead of others. Industry analysts estimate the overall GPU as a Service market to have had a valuation of USD 200 million in 2016, and is further forecast to exceed USD 5 billion by 2024.

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The hardware players including AMD, NVIDIA, and S3, reportedly, account for a major chunk of the global landscape. Moreover, the cloud providers including IBM, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are collaborating with the hardware and software providers to expand their cloud services. Analysts predict that the rising trend of introducing AI and AR/VR devices will have a commendable impact on the commercialization matrix of GPU as a Service industry. The convergence of the hardware, software, and cloud spectrums across the industry verticals is expected to be the key trend shaping GPU as a Service market in the coming years. As per a report by Global Market Insights, Inc., GPU as a Service market is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 30% over 2017-2024.

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