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U.S. Home Infusion Therapy Market to get significant proceeds by 2026

Author : Ronak Bora | Published Date : 2020-09-02 

U.S. Home Infusion Therapy Market report offers in-depth analysis of the industry size, share, major segments, and different geographic regions, forecast for the next five years, key market players, and premium industry trends. It also focuses on the key drivers, restraints, opportunities and industry challenges.

Growing prevalence of chronic diseases across the U.S. in driving demand for home infusion therapies. The American Hospital Association estimates that nearly 133 million Americans currently have at least one chronic illness. The figure is forecast to cross 170 million by the end of 2030, with majority of those patients requiring medication that are supposed to be injected or infused.

Home infusion therapies making it easier for patients to access long-term therapy without enduring prolonged hospital stays. The therapies at home do not only enable patients to recover more and resume their normal activities, but also prove to be more cost effective than a long stay at hospital and reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections.

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Expanding geriatric population base along with presence of homecare facilities for the patients across the U.S. will contribute towards industry growth. Reports indicate that U.S. home infusion therapy market size will exceed USD 16.5 billion in terms of total annual earnings by 2026.

As per the Department of Health & Human Services, home infusion is one of the fastest growing areas of home health care. The key contributing factor projecting growth is that the gradual rise in number of patients with chronic diseases every year. The on-going COVID-19 outbreak is further prompting patients to opt for home infusion therapies to eliminate the risk of contacting the deadly coronavirus.

Rising prevalence of chronic disorders such as chronic respiratory pulmonary disease, cancer and diabetes have fueled the demand for home infusion therapy in the U.S. Most of the cancer patients require intravenous hydration, nutrition or pain medication. According to a recent statistic by the American Cancer Society, there were around 1.6 million new cancer cases diagnosed across the nation in 2019. The expanding patient pool will bolster the demand for home infusion therapy services.

Apart from cardiovascular diseases and cancer, hospital acquired infections (HAIs) are considered one of the major contributors towards growing mortality across the U.S. The HAIs spread at a greater speed due to weak immune system of individuals with chronic diseases. As per a recent data by CDC, around 1.7 million infections are related to HAIs on an annual basis.

Growing adoption of effective drug administration techniques and intravenous blood withdrawal may fuel the demand for needleless connectors. In 2019, needleless connectors segment accounted for revenue generation of USD 2.5 billion. Introduction of new needleless connectors that effectively minimize the risk of catheter related blood stream infections will further support the industry proliferation.

Rise in number of premature babies and presence of large number of malnourished children is resulting in growing adoption of parenteral nutrition. Also, an upsurge in patients that require administration of medicines, nutrients and hydration will favor the need for home infusion therapies. Parenteral nutrition segment is estimated to record a growth rate of close to 10.9% CAGR over 2020-2026.

In 2019, North-East U.S. home infusion therapy market accounted for USD 1.5 billion and is estimated to register significant growth through 2026 on account of the presence of a large number of entities providing home infusion therapy services. Growing focus of  the regional population towards home infusion solutions owing advanced quality and cost effectiveness may favor the business growth.

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Partial Chapter of the Table of Content 

Chapter 4.    U.S. Home Infusion Therapy Market, By Product

4.1. Key segment trends

4.2. Infusion Pumps

4.2.1.    Market size, by zone, 2015 – 2026 (USD Million)

4.3. Intravenous Sets

4.3.1.    Market size, by zone, 2015 – 2026 (USD Million)

4.4. IV Cannulas

4.4.1.    Market size, by zone, 2015 – 2026 (USD Million)

4.5. Needleless Connectors

4.5.1.    Market size, by zone, 2015 – 2026 (USD Million)

Chapter 5.    U.S. Home Infusion Therapy Market, By Application

5.1. Key segment trends

5.2. Anti-infective

5.2.1.    Market size, by zone, 2015 – 2026 (USD Million)

5.3. Hydration Therapy

5.3.1.    Market size, by zone, 2015 – 2026 (USD Million)

5.4. Chemotherapy

5.4.1.    Market size, by zone, 2015 – 2026 (USD Million)

5.5. Enteral Nutrition

5.5.1.    Market size, by zone, 2015 – 2026 (USD Million)

5.6. Parenteral Nutrition

5.6.1.    Market size, by zone, 2015 – 2026 (USD Million)

5.7. Specialty Pharmaceuticals

5.7.1.    Market size, by zone, 2015 – 2026 (USD Million)

5.8. Others

5.8.1.    Market size, by zone, 2015 – 2026 (USD Million) 

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