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Hydrophobic Coatings Market Growth Factors, Latest Trend And Regional Analysis Of Leading Players By 2024

Author : Rahul Varpe | Published Date : 2019-11-06 

The demand of water-repellant surfaces in various sectors has enlarged exponentially over the last few years and propelled the hydrophobic coatings market size.  As per a latest research report by Global Market Insights Inc., hydrophobic coatings market share is slated to reach over $2 billion by 2024.

How will hydrophobic coatings application in aerospace sector propel industry size over the times to come?

By applying hydrophobic coatings all over the surface of a plane it helps to prevent accumulation of ice deposits on the plane. Ice deposits buildup on exteriors of the plane occurs due to flying at higher altitudes. Also, while flying through low-lying clouds, the airplane encounters super cooled water and ice deposit builds up. Major problems, including drag and lift, ice accruals can result in severe problem due to imbalance of airplane under high speed. Hydrophobic coatings market share from the aerospace application is anticipated to witness substantial gains up to 5% over 2018-2024 as keeping ice deposits off is of crucial importance.   

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Hydrophobic coatings possess properties including repellent to blood, tissue sheets, and fluids. It also has anti-microbial, anti-fouling, and self-cleaning properties. These properties help hydrophobic coating to keep surgical tools clean and lessen the risk of contamination and infection among patients. Owing to such properties and its usage in medical sector, hydrophobic coatings market share is from medical application is estimated to surpass $60 million by 2024.

What will hydrophobic coatings market trends be like in the coming years when considered on the basis of substrate?

Metal substrate of hydrophobic coatings was specifically developed for corrosion mitigation possessing durability and transparent fluid resistance. It has higher concentration in comparison with traditional organic polymer coatings. It is also electric resistant which ensures improved barrier properties to corrosion and water. Metals usually attract water due to electromagnetic attraction which causes corrosion. Hydrophobic coating can be applied safely and easily without the need of complicated machinery. Such properties and ease of application will boost hydrophobic metal coatings market trends. It has been estimated that hydrophobic coatings industry from metal substrate segment will gain CAGR of up to 6% over 2018-2024.

What will be the effect of anti-microbial property of hydrophobic coatings on the growth of industry share?

Extending usage of water-repellent and antibacterial coatings on textile surfaces is contributing to the advancements of hydrophobic coatings market outlook as the product is more comfortable and healthier for application on garments in daily life. The inclination of manufacturers to use sol gel techniques have earned traction for developing innovative high value-added products. According to the market forecasts hydrophobic coatings market share from anti-microbial property will register profits up to 4% by 2024.

How will the U.S. hydrophobic coatings market earn proceeds in respect with titanium dioxide product segment?

Titanium dioxide based hydrophobic coatings exhibits anti-smudging and easy-to-clean characteristics. This coating works effectively for developing mechanically stable and durable coatings which can serve as a barrier. It has found extensive usage in cements, window glasses, textiles and paints application, and registering high demand in the U.S. The U.S. hydrophobic coatings industry from titanium dioxide product segment is slated to witness revenue share of over $20 million by 2024.

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Hydrophobic coatings optimize performance of lens in regard to transparency, strength & ease of cleaning, increasing visual comfort, and reducing lens care time. It consists of a hardened layer which improves resistance of lens to wear and tear over the time. The hardening layer protects the lens from agents such as scratches and dirt which may damage lens. Hydrophobic coatings market share is predicted to be propelled considerably by optical application and surpass $65 million by 2024.


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