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Hypochlorite Bleaches Market is driven by rising incidences of infectious illnesses on a global scale, the demand for disinfectants, bleaching and sanitization products

Author : Ravi Chawat | Published Date : 2020-08-26 

An inherent vertical of the global specialty chemicals space, hypochlorite bleaches market has been observing remarkable popularity of late. With rising incidences of infectious illnesses on a global scale, the demand for disinfectants, bleaching and sanitization products is likely to accelerate. Hypochlorite bleaches are popular disinfection products with the ability to terminate a vast array of disease-causing bacteria, fungi, viruses and fungi, provided they are used with adequate precautionary measures and adhere to specific usage guidelines.

Hypochlorite bleaches are generally found in the form of a solid white powder, comprising compounds such as calcium and sodium hypochlorite. Hypochlorite bleaches are used in treating drinking water, playing the role of sanitizer owing to antimicrobial properties, quick bactericidal action and persistence.

Calcium hypochlorite, the dry or powder form of hypochlorite bleaches, is used extensively as a chlorine compound for the destruction of harmful bacteria and viruses. Calcium hypochlorite serves as an efficient disinfectant component for water treatment in spas, swimming pools and hot tubs, combating risk posed by various disease-causing microorganisms and other contaminants.


Between 2000 to 2014, over 500 cases of disease outbreaks related to pools, hot tubs and other water-based playgrounds were observed, the most prominent among them being cryptosporidiosis, caused by the parasite Cryptosporidium, as well as other ailments including shigellosis and giardiasis. This surge in waterborne ailments brought about the need for several regulations on the water quality of pools and consequently promoted hypochlorite bleaches market dynamics.

This growing prevalence of hospital related contamination and the subsequent surge in need for disinfection is likely to add impetus to the global hypochlorite bleaches market. Sodium hypochlorite-based disinfectants demonstrate robust application potential in the decontamination of blood discharges with HIV or Hepatitis B virus as well as hard surfaces, owing to significant sporicidal tendencies.

Major key players in the hypochlorite bleaches market are Aditya Birla Chemicals, Arkema, Odyssey Manufacturing Co., Olin Chlor Alkali Products & Vinyls, AG Chemi Group, Nouryon, H. Krevit & Company, TOSOH Corporation, Inoyn, Tianjin yufeng chemical co. Ltd., Electrolytic Technologies, SHIJIAZHUANG XINLONGWEI CHEMICAL CO.,LTD., VYONVA, Organic Industries Ltd, ACURO ORGANICS LIMITED, American Elements, Carus Corporation, Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation, Groupe Somavrac, and ANSA McAL Chemicals Limited.

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Ravi Chawat

Ravi Chawat

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