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Insulation & packaging applications to drive APAC expanded polyethylene foam market trends

Author : Ravi Chawat | Published Date : 2020-09-10 

Expanded polyethylene foam market outlook has been outlined by expansive demand from insulation, construction and food packaging applications. Expanded polyethylene (EPE) is a variety of foam that is semi-rigid, closed cell, and non-cross-linked and offers high impact absorbency rate. The excellent physical and chemical properties of EPE foam has supported product application across several industries.

The material is ideal for applications for making products such as foam sheet, foam padding and foam tube. The plastic is harmless in nature, with no taste or odor and its non-toxicity and resistance to insects and fungi is further fueling product adoption rate. Moreover, flourishing packaging and steadily performing automotive sector in APAC countries is expected to foster Asia Pacific expanded polyethylene foam market size through 2026.

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One of the key characteristics of EPE foam is that it is recyclable; it can be melted as well as remolded into several different shapes, multiple times. Other advantageous product property is its high thermal resistance due to its balanced chemical structure. This allows EPE foam to be exposed to high temperatures and heated to form molten plastic. This unique property of the product further allows it to be reused and recycled multiple types, lessening the plastic accumulation in the environment.

Coils & rolls Expanded polyethylene foam market is projected to grow at around 5% CAGR over 2020-2026 on account of a wide range of product usage in insulation, packaging and construction sectors. Also, estimates suggest that the non-laminated EPE foam products will dominate the industry share and showcase growth of close to  3.5% over the same timeframe.

Expanded polyethylene foam market will garner considerable gains from electronic applications. Excellent insulation characteristics of EPE foam are supporting major use these lightweight foams in electronic industry for insulation for split AC, industrial chillers and other products. EPE foam is also find usage in the making of yoga mats, sports mats, shin guards, thigh guards, life vests, floatation devices and others.

The product is ideal for use in protection of breakable and fragile materials such as glass and glassware, scientific instruments, scratchable items like granite and marble and delicate parts of machinery. Overall, APAC expanded polyethylene foam market share from insulation applications is forecast to register a CAGR of 5% through 2026 owing to excellent insulation from oils, water and other chemicals.

India and China may witness upsurge in the packaging of fragile and delicate products such as electronic equipment, ceramics, TV, monitors, UPS, glassware, and surgical equipment. Notably, EPE tends to protect equipment from external pressure and shock for they are transported or shipped to the place of destination.

It is predicted that EPE foam will witness a noticeable trend in automotive industry as it be will be sought-after to be used as protective pads in vehicle engines, insulative driver cabins, and roof tops. Several automobile manufacturers are also including EPE foam in floor mat, carper underlays, and seat linings.

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Construction sector is also likely to provide lucrative growth opportunity for the manufacturers of EPE foam. Demand for EPE foam in APAC will be more pronounced and will be used as fillers in expansion joints, terraces or roof water proofing, false ceiling, foundation wraps and sound barriers.

Trend towards green building is also likely to gain ground as world looks to surmount climate change concerns. Prominently, generation of fewer waste products in production and disposal and recyclability factor have added fillip to the growth of APAC expanded polyethylene foam market revenue.

Rising importance of commercial spaces in India, China, and Japan has furthered the confidence of stakeholders eyeing to expand their portfolios in the region. While real estate sector sees decline owing to COVID-19 fallout, post COVID-19 situation is expected to provide viable environment to the sector.

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