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Mandelic Acid Market Broad and general facts about Trends, CAGR and major Industrial players by 2025

Author : Ravi Chawat | Published Date : 2021-02-19 

Mandelic acid finds extensive use across personal care and healthcare industries as it accelerates cell turnover and is gentle on the skin, supporting the production of collagen. An aromatic alpha hydroxy acid, obtained from bitter almonds, it is considered an essential ingredient in medicine and cosmetics. It is widely used as an intermediate and antimicrobial in pharmaceutical and personal care products.

An increase in purchasing power among people in both developed and developing countries, over the years, has supported the need for personal care products. A rise in awareness among the people regarding the need to maintain personal hygiene has encouraged various manufacturers to develop reliable, skin-friendly, effective, and economical products. This has further complemented mandelic acid market share worldwide.

Consistent growth of the cosmetics industry

In South Korea, the K-beauty industry has witnessed considerable recognition, globally due to its proven results. According to the International Trade Administration, the South Korean cosmetic industry was the ninth-largest market in the world, representing 2.8% of the global market. In the year 2018, the cosmetic sector in South Korea was estimated at USD 9.3 billion, in terms of total valuation.

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As an ingredient in cosmetic products, mandelic acid has showcased tremendous advantages, making it suitable to meet the needs of the consumers. This acid is referred to as a go-to anti-aging ingredient in the world of skincare. It helps to accelerate the development of cells  by dissolving the tiny bonds that hold the skin cells together, further helping in removing dead skin from the surface of the skin, which may otherwise lead to a dull complexion. Consistent expansion of the cosmetics sector will foster mandelic acid market trends.

Need to treat severe infections

Growing incidences of chronic diseases, as well as the increase in infections among people due to various reasons, have supported the developments in the pharmaceutical industry. The rise in disposable income among people has driven the adoption of advanced medical solutions that are developed to meet the targeted needs.

Citing reliable sources, in the year 2018, North American pharmaceutical sales accounted for 48.9% of the global sales. Mandelic acid carries anti-bacterial properties, making it ideal for pharmaceutical uses. When used with methenamine to produce mandelamine, the combination is effective in the treatment of chronic urinary tract infections which is fairly common among women.

Increasing efforts taken by the government and other NGOs in developing countries like India, China, Bangladesh, and Nepal, to spread awareness among the people regarding the need to maintain intimate hygiene will supplement the indirect consumption of mandelic acid.

Competitive market dynamics

Mandelic acid industry is endowed with leading companies that are constantly working to improve their product portfolio by carrying out adequate research and development and introducing better, enhanced offerings. Some of the leading market players include Sinoway Industrial Co. Ltd., BASF, Changzhou Qidi Chemical Co., Shaanxi Yuantai Biological Technology, and Lim, among various others.

Keeping in mind the growing competitive scenario, mandelic acid manufacturers seeking ways to expand their presence. The increasing dependence on advanced personal care products with the need to improve the appearance as well as the need to avoid infections could steer mandelic acid market size across distinct application areas.

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