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MDA chosen to build Canadarm3 robotic elements for NASA-led Gateway

Author : Paroma Bhattacharya | Published Date : 2019-08-21 

Canadian robotics and space equipment manufacturing subsidiary of Maxar Technologies, MDA, has reportedly been given two contracts by the Canadian Space Agency to work on Phase A of the Gateway External Robotics Interface, led by NASA.

The Gateway External Robotics Interface will act as crucial touch points for the XLA (eXploration Large Arm) and the XDA (eXploration Dexterous Arm) which form the key robotic manipulator components of the Canadarm3, the AI powered robotics system that services the Gateway. The Gateway will link the external robotics on the Gateway with their modules through standardized connection points, visiting payloads, spacecrafts and replacement units.

MDA Group President, Mike Greenley has apparently stated MDA’s pride in continuing their legacy of associating with the Canadian Space Agency and its global partners to plan, build and implement robotic systems that support missions for space exploration. According to Mr. Greenley, this project will make use of MDA’s prowess in space robotics, achieved through the Canadarm programs and will become a significant part of Canada’s contribution to the Gateway. He further stated that they are working on delivering new jobs and readying their Canadian supply center to prepare for Canadarm3.

For Gateway External Robotics Interface Phase A, MDA and the Canadian Space Agency will work together to develop system and interface requirements and carry out necessary activities for the technology and concept development required for the module and element developers of the Gateway with the data required to integrate the external robotics and its interfaces.

The Gateway has the commitment of the Canadian Government for future exploration missions in space, including human landings on the moon. Like the robotics that Canada has provided to the International Space Station, the Canadarm3 will give EVR (extra-vehicular robotics) services to the Gateway including maintenance, assembly, inspection, external logistics and reconfiguration along with external science payload support.

Leading space infrastructure developer Maxar is currently a key collaborator with NASA to develop its Artemis program, which aims at returning astronauts to the moon by 2024 and to support future Mars missions.

Source Credit: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20190819005610/en/MDA-Selected-Build-Robotic-Interfaces-Canadarm3-NASA-led

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