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Metalworking fluids market poised to gain impetus from aerospace sector

Author : Ravi Chawat | Published Date : 2020-09-08 

Metalworking fluids have been playing an invaluable role in a range of metalworking processes across applications, such as milling, forming, turning and grinding. The innate ability of metalworking fluids (MWF) to lubricate helps reduce loads for tools, machine tools and workpieces.

Metal working fluids have become popular as coolants, chip removers, and lubricants at the time of machine operations. Several manufacturers are using MWFs to boost durability of machine tools and ward off corrosion of machine parts. Global Market Insights, Inc., has projected metalworking fluids market size to surpass US$16 bn by 2026.

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Trends shaping metalworking fluids industry outlook

Rising consumption of MWFs in North America and Europe has been setting the trend in the industry outlook. Notably, demand for the fluids to reduce friction between work piece and tool and to dissipate heat in the machining area has surged in the recent past.

Automotive manufacturers are using metalworking fluids for the manufacturing of vehicle parts and other equipment. With the demand for ICE engine parts such as piston engine blocks, pistons, valves growing steadily, investment in MWFs is likely to witness an upward trend.

Manufacturers are also designing novel MWF circulation system for a sustainable production by reducing consumption and waste and considerably dropping production costs.

Meanwhile, trend for electric wire drawing fluids and the evolution of new battery technology which boosts the range of EVs could be a challenging trend in metalworking fluids industry.


While metalworking fluids can serve as both lubricants and coolants, a slew of processes in the business spectrum is being enhanced through the application of a high performance fluid. With MWFs bolstering equipment life, enhancing workpiece quality and ramping up manufacturing, the industry dynamics are set to be more pronounced in the next five years.

Use of MWFs as removal fluids will provide lucrative opportunity for the manufacturers as the fluids are being highly sought-after for facilitating chip removal. As such, use of MWFs to protect both the equipment and workpiece will continue to fuel the industry size expansion.

Opportunities in aerospace industry

Manufacturers of metalworking fluids are vying to expand their footprints in aerospace industry. Use of straight oils (neat oils) to enhance the machinability of exotic aerospace alloys will be more pronounced in the next five years.

In a bid to meet the green initiative, investment in MWFs is likely to surge as these fluids are said to bolster productivity and efficiency of aerospace manufacturers globally.

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Ravi Chawat

Ravi Chawat

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