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Mineral Wool Material Market to garner significant revenues through 2026

Author : Ravi Chawat | Published Date : 2021-04-06 

Mineral wool material market is expected to amass substantial demand over the years due to acoustic capabilities and strong fire-resistant and thermal properties. The product is extensively being used to provide insulation solutions in key application areas like industrial sectors, residential and commercial buildings, HVAC applications, OEMs, offshore and marine industries.

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The chemical inertness of mineral wool material along with the impact resistance will provide various opportunities to crucial end-users such as industrial, automotive, and construction. An evident shift towards the use of eco-friendly products due to the rising environmental concerns has driven automobile, construction, and manufacturing industries to use sustainable practices that have steered the use of rock wool.

The sustainable production process enabled by rock wool due to its raw materials, that are ecological-friendly, will magnify the demand of the product. Other major features of rock wool include the low cost of production due to vast basalt rock reserves and recyclability.

According to a study, global mineral wool material market size was expected to surpass US$22.5 billion by the end of 2026. Economic improvement in Asia Pacific over the years led to industrialization and subsequent urbanization in countries like China, Japan, India, Singapore, and Indonesia. These countries have also applied various design standards to ensure efficient use of energy in commercial, residential, and green buildings which have magnified the industrial growth in the past years.

Blankets form mineral wool material in industries

In terms of the form, the blanket form material segment has gained considerable traction due to the use in furnaces and industrial ovens where high temperature, lightweight insulation, and flexibility is required. The industry players have invested in advanced R&D activities to improve the comprehensive strength for ensuring flexibility and simplified installation.

Mineral wool material market manufacturers are also involved in strategic alliances, mergers, and acquisitions to improve their product portfolio and expand their geographical footprint. Several innovation opportunities to improve the quality of building envelope using advanced products may affect the competitive situation in the market. The availability of personalized products that are comparatively more flexible in several applications has led to product differentiation over the years.

The governments across the globe had made investments in several industrial and commercial projects regarding the insulation of sound and fire to ensure safety and prevent hazards. Heavy investments in research and development activities and advanced technologies has ensued from the rising demand for the mineral wool materials market, especially in the industrial sector.

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Concerning the application spectrum, the increasing demand for acoustic control, fire resistance, mold resistance, and moisture control is amplifying the use of mineral wool materials in industrial, OEM, and HVAC applications.

In industrial infrastructures, insulation of roofs and walls helps in reducing the cost of heating and cooling. Insulating products are used in several industries to control the process temperature and condensation along with protecting the people.

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