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North America fire truck market to gain traction by 2026

Author : Ronak Bora | Published Date : 2021-01-16 

With the spread of COVID-19 surging by the day, the governments across North America have been actively working to mitigate the issue of loss of lives due to the viral infection. Although the transportation and automotive industries were forced to experience a standstill due to the imposition of the lockdown, fire trucks were one of the most active contributors in the pandemic scenario since nearly 70% of the aggregate call volume represents medical aid calls. To that end, the North America fire truck market is likely to witness an extraordinary growth over the upcoming years, driven by the surging demand from residential and commercial quarters.

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The following top three trends are likely to aid the North America fire truck market in the ensuing years:

High frequency of fire accidents to offer a substantial impetus

In 2019, the North America fire truck market held a valuation of over 940 million and is anticipated to register a high growth of more than 5.5% CAGR between 2019 and 2020, supported by the alarming increase in the number of fire accidents across the region. Canada and the US are focal points of the market, bringing in more demand as the governments have been aggressively addressing the issue.

According to a report of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), in 2019, various state fire departments in the US recorded nearly 1.3 million fire accidents in total. These led to more than 16,600 civilians getting injured, deaths of more than 3,700, and a property damage of nearly $14.8 billion. On an average, the departments recorded one fire accident every 24 seconds during the same year.

Launch of innovative fire trucks to trigger demand for fire trucks with advanced features

With the frequency of fire accidents escalating, the response time of fire trucks needs to be reduced. Since technologically advanced fire trucks can be reach the accident spot significantly faster, ensuring minimal loss of lives and property, numerous market players have been offering innovative fire trucks.

Similarly, in February 2020, the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) announced its intention to purchase a novel Concept Fire Truck (CFT) from Rosenbauer Group, a leading manufacturer of a wide range of firefighting vehicles. The Rosenbauer fire truck features battery life of up to 100 kilowatt hours, fully electric operation, and reduction of diesel pollution and noise, apart from its high functionality and remarkable ergonomics. The department is the first to use CFT technology in its fire operations in entire North America. The introduction of such advanced fire trucks, including the Rosenbauer fire truck, will push the market further toward growth.

Pumper fire truck segment to present substantial growth opportunities in the US

Pumper trucks are being increasing deployed across North America, particularly in the US. Since they are able to pump water from water tankers, overhead tanks, and other external sources, several regional departments of the government have been deploying pumper fire trucks. Also, an added benefit is that they require lesser investments compared with other alternatives.

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Moreover, several prominent market players have been investing in R&D to offer new pumper fire trucks. For instance, Spartan, Inc. introduced a novel pumper truck in April 2019 in the US. Therefore, the US might emerge as a leading segment of the North America fire truck market, driven by the popularity of pumper fire trucks.

Since fire trucks have been playing a pivotal role in COVID infection control by responding promptly to emergencies during the pandemic, the North America fire truck market is expected to surge with the second wave setting in.

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