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North America to procure a major share of Polybutene-1 Market by 2025

Author : Ravi Chawat | Published Date : 2021-08-31 

Polybutene-1 market is poised to be driven by applications in diverse range of industries, including adhesive, plumbing and packaging sectors. Demand for polybutene-1 is escalating on account of superior mechanical and thermal properties of the material.

Polybutene-1 or Pb-1 is light weight material with excellent performance characteristics, such as low noise transmission, good heat fusion properties and excellent flexibility, creep resistance and over a wide temperature range. PB-1 grades are used in different processing techniques including extrusion, injection molding and extrusion blow molding.

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Homo- and random copolymers are the common types of PB-1 resins available in the market. The material is often used as a form of pure resin as a replacement for metal, rubber and even other engineering polymers. It is also utilized synergistically as a blend component to differentiate or enhance properties of other polyolefins.

PB-1 resins are used in variety of customer applications including film modification, easy-open packaging, hot melt adhesives, hot water tanks, pipe and fittings, polyolefin modification and others. Expansive product application scope in various industry verticals may bolster global polybutene-1 market size through 2026.

In 2019, extrusion grade segment held over 55% of the global polybutene-1 market share. Extrusion grade PB-1 is ideal for piping applications. The material offers excellent flexibility, low memory effect and reduced pipe wall thickness. Also, along with potential cost savings from faster installation, PB-1 pipes provide opportunities for installation in tight, cramped spaces. Growing piping demand from developing countries, majorly in Asia Pacific region, is expected to drive the demand for extrusion grade PB-1 in the coming years.

Hot melt adhesives are set to grow at 2.1% over the analysis period on account of growing demand from the packaging industry. Hot melt adhesives are ideal for several applications, food packaging being a major one. They are extensively used for sealing the box tops of cereals and crackers and other food items packaging that are susceptible to denaturing when exposed to air.

 Hot melt adhesive is a popular choice in agriculture due to its capability of withstand extreme temperatures. These glues are also used in polymer processing and textile converting in automotive interiors, carpeting, home furnishing and other textile-based manufacturing applications. Manufacturers in the polubutene-1 industry are also experimenting with the material for exploring its application scope.

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For instance, LyondellBasell, a top global player in chemicals, refining & plastics industry launched an innovative polybutene-1 (PB-1) based, Purell KT MR 07 in 2017.The product offered transparent and flexible applications in healthcare, such as tubing and IV bags. The Middle East & Africa polybutene-1 market holds over 4% of the global share and is anticipated to showcase significant growth on account of robust expansion of the construction sector in the region.

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