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Oxygen Barrier Films & Coatings For Dry Food Market to witness a steady growth over the forecast timeframe

Author : Rahul Varpe | Published Date : 2019-08-09 

In an era where convenience foods are becoming an integral part of the kitchen, oxygen barrier films & coatings for dry food market has been registering incremental growth as it has become a priority for most dry food manufacturers for the product should have longer shelf life. Barrier films are an essential part of food packaging solutions because the overall success of food packaging depends on the efficacy of barrier films. 

Oxygen is important for sustaining life and it is also one of the biggest reasons behind food spoilage. Oxygen helps in the growth of microorganisms as it is a biologically and chemically reactive compound and is responsible for yeast, mold and other harmful fungi that can grow on food. Since food packaging necessarily decides the overall quality and longevity of the food item, packaging industry participants invest a significant amount funds in innovation and the oxygen barrier films & coatings for dry food market has received major impetus from such investments in R&D.

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Significant lifestyle choices have also been acting as a major factor for the growth of the oxygen barrier films & coatings for dry food market for dry food industry as convenience foods and foods meant for snacking have been found to be becoming exponentially popular in the 21st century. Busier lifestyles and more women leaving the home front to join the work force has evidently led to people no longer having time to go home and cooking a meal for themselves and their families from scratch. One of the effects of convenience eating and lack of time to cook is that the more people are resorting to convenience foods or snacks.

Dry food packaging takes several factors into consideration such as the oxygen transfer rate (OTR) of the packing material, which is essentially the measurement of the amount of oxygen that a film allows to pass through it. The most favorable food packaging has an oxygen permeability of 10cc or less. Apart from low permeability, clarity, film gauge and overall appearance of the packaging also matter and can end up enhancing sale for the food stuff. 

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Research points that metallized films have come to capture a major portion of the oxygen barrier films & coatings for dry food market. As a matter of fact, metallized films held around 35 percent of the material demand in 2018. Metallized film packaging appears similar to aluminum foil besides being highly impermeable for oxygen and moisture and are therefore highly preferred in the packaging industry.

The rise of convenience eating is irrefutably reflected on a major scale in the APAC oxygen barrier films & coatings for dry food market. Countries like Japan, India, China and South Korea are estimated to be the key contributors for the regional oxygen barrier films & coatings for dry food industry owing to their high proportion of convenience eating and spending on food. High GDP growth, large population and presence of various manufacturers will open large scale opportunities in this region.

The demand for instant noodles in these countries has been estimated by World Instant Noodles Association which showed that China had a consumption of around 39 million servings in 2017, while Japan, known for being the inventor of instant noodles consumed over 5 million servings in the same year. Driven by the extensive consumption of convenience foods across these economies, APAC oxygen barrier films & coatings for dry food market is expected to record a CAGR of 6 percent over 2019-2025.

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With the popularity of instant noodles or snacking showing almost no signs of waning in spite of food associations warning about the side effects of such food habits, the oxygen barrier films & coatings for dry food market is expected to register considerable growth over the coming years as it grows to cater to such demands in food packaging. As a matter of fact, the overall oxygen barrier films and coatings for dry food industry has been projected to surpass USD 1.4B by the end of the year 2025.

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