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pH Meters Market statistics and research analysis released in latest report

Author : Rahul Sankrityayan | Published Date : 2019-05-15 

The robust significance of pH measurement in industrial processing has indeed helped pH meters market chart out a profitable growth path in the recent years. Indeed, the hazardous effects of non-balanced pH levels have been aptly demonstrated in numerous experiments. Say for example, the one conducted at the Great Barrier Reef by reputed scientists focused on intentionally acidifying the water to demonstrate how the destabilized pH level of the sea caused by burning fossil fuels can harm coral skeletons. Maintaining the right pH level is crucial in the food and bioprocessing industries as well.

On these grounds, pH meters market has attained renewed importance lately. Technological advancements have also been rampant across this business space, as companies strive to design highly efficient products for apt measurements. Latest state-of-the-art meters include features like hardware miniaturization and easy-to-use software that will further stimulate pH meters industry share.

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The food industry is a vital growth avenue for pH meters market, given how crucial the maintenance of pH level is for quality assurance in this sphere. For instance, incorrect pH level in yogurt can result in excessive free whey, discoloration and insufficient or additional tartness. Or for that matter, jelly, wine, and cheese manufacturing – every food processing method requires the maintenance of proper pH level to reach their optimum taste and quality.

In this regard, authorized bodies have also been emphasizing on the importance of maintaining a certain level of pH to ensure food safety, making pH meters market strictly regulatory-driven. Indeed, a fixed set of values has been set for pH levels in sanitation solutions. For example, chlorine concentration is expected to be between pH 8 to 10 while iodine solution is meant to have pH 5 or lower. Thus, the extensive deployment of these meters in the food sector is certain to stimulate pH meters market size.

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The application of these products in bioprocessing is also forecast to boost pH meters market outlook. In fact, pH level is one of the most frequently monitored parameters in bioprocess workflow. Scaling and streamlining proteins in bioprocessing require accurate and stringent pH monitoring as proteins and other large molecules tend to lose stability outside optimal pH conditions. Bioprocessing being an integral part of the expanding biopharmaceutical sector, is certain to emerge as a viable growth avenue for pH meters industry.

Though known for their usage in the industrial sector, pH meters also command an important position in agriculture. Traditional patterns and methods of farming often fail to recognize the importance of maintaining a stable pH level of the soil. It has been determined that a good crop output depends as much on the micro and macro nutrients present in the soil as on the weather conditions and efficient fertilizers. As agriculturally dependent nations are opting to educate farmers in the importance of maintaining a healthy soil pH level, pH meters market is expected to expand its scope through the facilitation of informed agricultural choices.

North America is one of the pivotal regions where pH meters market has demonstrated a healthy CAGR since the last few years – in fact, North America dominated pH meters industry in 2016. The growth can be attributed to the fact that regulatory bodies in this region are highly stringent and proactive as far as the enforced norms regarding food safety are concerned. Additionally, waterbodies supplying drinking water are kept under constant supervision while pharmaceutical research is prioritized at the highest level in the country. On these grounds, it would be fair enough to state that North America pH meters market will register a lucrative growth rate over 2017-2024.

Emerging economies such as India and China are also expected to register a substantial CAGR in the ensuing years, driven by the rising number of food and water borne diseases and the growing number of wastewater treatments. While China holds the largest proportion of APAC pH meters market share, India has been forecast to depict the highest CAGR over 2017-2024.

In the present production environment, the measuring and accurate recording of pH levels can make all the difference between a perfect product and one that goes down the rejection line. For instance, an accurate and reliable pH meter is the means to achieving the correct cutting pH and break pH in case of cottage cheese. In the years to come, myriad sectors will be deploying technologically advanced pH meters for the better regulation of the production line, which would majorly impel pH meters industry share. With the advancement of modern medicine and the rising demand for packaged food, pH meters market will witness an exponential growth graph in the forthcoming years.

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