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Polycarbonate Films Market 2020 | Regional Insights & Growth Forecast To 2024

Author : Ravi Chawat | Published Date : 2020-09-24 

Endorsing exceptional features like light weight, strength, and tough characteristics of polycarbonates, the polycarbonate films market has garnered massive prominence lately, driven by its application in numerous industrial sectors. Being highly resistant to chemicals, PC films are deemed to be an ideal choice for automotive and electrical components, while also being preferred in the assembly of medical devices.

In addition to this, flame, moisture, and heat resistance makes them apt for construction purposes and in agricultural equipment, where they are vulnerable to challenging weather conditions.

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The overall PC films industry has gained momentum from a stellar growth in urbanization across various developing economies, where changing income trends have rendered a positive impact on the demand for automobiles and appliances. Apparently, with these trends, the global polycarbonate films market is set to register a remuneration of USD 2.4 billion by 2024.

More or less, novel innovations by vivid industry behemoths is also likely to drive the demand of these films over a due course of time. For instance, considering the increasing carbon emission level in the environment, Covestro-a market leader in polycarbonate films- reportedly announced the launch of its first partially bio-based polycarbonate films. Official sources state that the carbon footprint of newly developed film material is comparatively smaller than that of conventional petroleum-based polycarbonate films. This noble move is expected to bolster the company’s position in the overall polycarbonate films market while substantially augmenting the market’s share in the polymers and advanced material industry.

Polycarbonate films use across the automotive industry

Speaking of the expanding carbon footprint, it is imperative to mention that a passenger car generally emits nearly 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide every year and estimates demonstrate that the transportation sector in the United States alone contributed to a massive 1.9 billion tons of CO2 in 2016. In this regard, the optical grade polycarbonate films market has witnessed a considerable surge worldwide. The growth predominantly comes from increased adoption in the auto components on the grounds of the material’s lightweight and high-performance features.

One of the profound benefits PC films offer to the automotive industry is the vehicle’s increased fuel efficiency due to deployment of lightweight components. Adding to it, the stringent government norms commanding the automakers to brainstorm new ways for reducing toxic vehicle emissions have encouraged them to replace heavier materials, empowering the polycarbonate films market.

Citing a vital testament for the aforementioned, reports suggest that Covestro moved a step ahead in developing automobile solution which would support its idea of sustainable mobility. The company in 2019, put forth its idea of manufacturing a first fully illuminated dashboard equipped with 3-D multifunctional display made from Covestro’s Makrofol polycarbonate and Makrolon Ai polycarbonate film.

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Evolving trends across the household appliances sector

Polycarbonates are well known to address the requirements of different other consumer segments where their superior properties like sturdiness, thermal stability, flame retardance, and transparency hold utmost importance, for instance, electric home appliances. The replacement of glass and metal in appliances with lightweight polycarbonate materials has offered improved safety and flexibility of design to producers of consumer durables, proliferating the significance of the polycarbonate films market.

Let alone the small appliances, these films are abundantly used in washing machines to give a light tint to the transparent washer windows. Other than this, PC also forms a vital portion of LED displays that depict the information and function being performed.

Evidently, the crucial role of polycarbonate films in production of durable and reliable home appliances is touted to generate substantial valuation for the overall PC films industry.

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