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Polypropylene Fiber Market 2019 By Industry Growth & Regional Trend To 2025

Author : Rahul Varpe | Published Date : 2019-08-09 

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The immense application spectrum of thermoplastic polymers has been responsible for making polypropylene fiber market a highly vital business sphere lately. The impact of polypropylene fiber products on the day to day lives of people is often overlooked. Nonetheless, the material has an extensive presence across a slew of industry verticals and the consumer goods sector, providing the market a robust foundation that will support future developments in a highly competitive landscape.

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Following is a list of key trends that would are likely to boost polypropylene fiber market share significantly over the forecast timespan:

  • Expansion of ride-hailing and vehicle subscription services:

With millennials and Generation Z population taking centerstage as the world’s biggest consumers, auto companies are seemingly finding it difficult to sell their vehicles to individual customers.

Ride-hailing: In 2018, approximately 20% of ride hailing service users in the U.S. claimed that they either delayed or avoided purchasing a car due to the availability of services like Uber and Lyft.

Essentially, polypropylene is used in automotive interiors to make trunk carpets and seat covers. The polypropylene fiber industry is slated to witness a surge in consumption as several ride-hailing and vehicle subscription services keep increasing their vehicle fleets to meet rising demand.

Imminent prospects could accelerate with the probable introduction of robotaxis in the ride-hailing market. In fact, Tesla already has plans to launch a fleet of one million robotaxis by 2020.

Vehicle subscription: With subscription-based ownership model rapidly gaining popularity across developed nations, auto makers have picked up on this trend to unveil their own customized subscription service offerings. Technically, the model revolves around the concept of temporary ownership, wherein a customer can gain access to a vehicle on a monthly basis.

Forbes has estimated that by 2025, subscription programs could account for approximately 10% of all automobile sales across Europe and the U.S. The sector is expected to counter the slack created by dwindling individual car sales in urban areas, impelling polypropylene fiber industry share worldwide.

  • Continuous growth of the construction industry:

Globally, the construction sector is distinguished as one of the most lucrative target base for polypropylene fiber industry, primarily through the benefits of polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete. According to the American Journal of Engineering Research, the novel material has been successfully used for a number of construction applications, on the basis of below mentioned performance characteristics:

  • High flexural-tensile strength
  • High permeability
  • High spitting resistance
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • High frost resistance

Undoubtedly, the material is expected to witness exponential demands in cold weather regions, as concrete structures and foundations in these areas are known for developing debilitating cracks due to the cold and icy weather.

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Polar Vortex Outbreaks: Recently, a polar vortex weather anomaly, wherein temperatures dropped to -29° along with a -54° wind chill, had gripped Canada and North eastern United States. Such climatic conditions could become a prominent advocate for the use of polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete in new buildings as well as renovation projects.

A similar polar vortex, which occurred in the same region in 2014 caused $5 billion in damages in the U.S. With the anomaly predicted to occur more frequently due to changing weather patterns globally, polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete is expected to become the go-to solution for avoiding property damages. Subsequently, the polypropylene fiber market share is predicted to show an increase from the construction sector around the globe.

  • Growing importance of wastewater treatment:

One of the biggest environmental concerns today is water conservation, since just a fraction of water on the earth can actually be used for drinking, household and industrial purposes. To alleviate the pressure exerted on water resources, several industries are adapting themselves to sustainable work practices.

While conservation is promoted as the way forward, worldwide initiatives can only achieve success when properly supported by the practice of recycling and reusing of wastewater in different industrial sectors. Fueled by this trend, the filtration sector has been witnessing exponential growth, with synthetic fibers made from materials such as polypropylene playing a prominent role.

Today, polypropylene fiber filters find application in many wastewater recovery systems across the world, which will enable wastewater recovery systems market to expand at a decent pace over next few years. Reportedly, the polypropylene fiber market share from the filtration segment is anticipated to register a robust 3.5% CAGR over 2019-2025.

All in all, propelled by its widespread presence across a number of high-growth industrial sectors, the polypropylene fiber industry is slated to experience significant growth throughout the projected timeframe. Global Market Insights, Inc., has estimates that polypropylene fiber market share will surpass $13 billion by 2025.

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