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Recycling Equipment & Machinery Market 2019-2025 By Regional Industry Growth & Forecast

Author : Rahul Varpe | Published Date : 2019-06-11 

Global Market Insights add New Recycling Equipment and Machinery Market report provides in-depth information about market overview, top vendors, Key market highlights, product types, market drivers, challenges, trends, industry landscape, size and forecast, five forces analysis, Key leading countries/Region.

Owing to the interminable production of plastic, metal and paper products, the global recycling equipment and machinery market has gained remarkable growth in recent years, with an estimated remuneration of over USD 750 million in 2017. The facility to recycle waste using baler presses, shredders, aggregators, among other equipment to help in reducing the impact of non-biodegradable materials on the environment has certainly advanced the developments of recycling techniques.

The recycling equipment and machinery industry has enabled manufacturers to reduce the cost of production for various products using recycled constituent materials, especially in producing ferrous products. Additionally, using recycled raw materials contribute in the reduction of CO2emissions from furnaces or other manufacturing processes involved in producing steel and plastic products.

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Reportedly, CO2 emissions can cut down by up to 58% by using ferrous scrap in the manufacturing of steel, a statistic that proves favorable for the recycling equipment and machinery industry. Further, around 40% of world’s steel is produced from scrap and while making steel from recycled materials 74% lower energy is used up, new raw materials required are reduced by 90% and there is also considerable reduction in release of pollutants.

Electric appliances, construction materials, containers, and automobiles are the most common products made out of steel and with the growing population, demand for these products can be expected to rise exponentially. Reports indicate that automobile frames consist of at least 25% recycled steel whereas basic electrical appliances are said to contain recycled steel up to 75%, attesting the expansion of the recycling equipment and machinery market.

A large amount of auto-parts, electronic devices and construction materials get discarded worldwide as result of increase in utilization of cars, electrical appliances and infrastructure re-development activities. Subsequently, ensuring the proper treatment and usage of ferrous scrap materials has highlighted the application scope of the recycling equipment and machinery industry.

Apart from metal scrap, the swelling volume of plastic waste or surplus has fueled widespread initiatives by governments and businesses to adopt efficient recycling methods for minimizing disposal into the surroundings. Irrespective of the color, size and shape of plastic goods, an industrial shredder can help to convert each part of the product into useful material, making the shredder an indispensable tool offered by the recycling equipment and machinery market.

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As of 2017, more than 8.3 billion tons of plastic had been produced across the globe and only 9% of that was recycled, leaving most of the plastic waste disposed of in landfills or the natural environment and creating an ideal landscape for development of the recycling equipment and machinery industry. Mega-shredders in disposal systems and recycling centers help in material reduction which indirectly reduces the cost of transportation and storage, presenting a lucrative investment option for a long-term commitment towards recycling of plastic, as well as other scrap materials such as paper and rubber.

Rubber is reportedly one of the most used and recycled materials with its largest application being manufacturing of tires. Since tires are an obligatory component of all kinds of transportation, from bikes, cars and commercial vehicles to airplanes, rubber waste is also an area of concern for environmental groups and has necessitated the involvement of the recycling equipment and machinery market.

Slated to witness an impressive 6% CAGR from 2018 to 2025, the recycling equipment and machinery market is constituted of key participants like Lefort, Morita Holdings, BHS Sonthofen, Mid Atlantic Waste Systems, Danieli Centro Recycling, Idromec Spa and many others.

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