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Rotary Scroll Air Compressor Market | Insights and Forecast Research Report 2026

Author : Rahul Varpe | Published Date : 2020-09-03 

The rotary scroll air compressor market share is anticipated to expand at an appreciable rate owing to the rapid installations of air conditioning systems in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors to curb air-borne infections.

Growing need to maintain appropriate room temperature while performing various tests has led to high product demand, which has further proliferated its adoption in hematology labs, immunology labs, microbiology labs, and other medical laboratories. This factor, alongside a strong focus to sustain environmental hygiene, is expected to add impetus to rotary scroll air compressor industry growth.

Rotary scroll air compressors have some distinct advantages over their screw or piston counterparts. For instance, scroll compressors can help mitigate costs and reach up to 100% volumetric energy efficiency, given the absence of pistons for compression of gas. Furthermore, since these compressors contain fewer moving parts that other compressor types, they are relatively quieter in operation, making 5 – 15 dBA less noise than other types.

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These factors, coupled with less friction and lower vibration, enhance the durability of the products, thus boosting rotary scroll air compressor market penetration across various applications, including food refrigeration, residential & commercial HVAC, vacuum pumps, and marine containers, among others.

The global rotary scroll air compressor industry will witness a massive surge in demand from the automotive & transportation sector over the estimated timeline. This can be attributed to the product’s extensive adoption in superchargers that are used to increase the air density and pressure supplied to the IC engine.

Additionally, rotary scroll air compressors also observe widespread adoption for use as vacuum pumps to remove gas fragments from the sealed volumes. Increasing interest coupled with wide application in automotive and medical sectors is likely to create a significant impact on product demand in years ahead.

Low airflow capacity and high maintenance cost, as compared to other air compressors such as centrifugal, screw, and reciprocating compressors, are major hindrances to rotary scroll air compressor industry expansion. However, stringent energy conservation & efficiency directives standards across various regions are anticipated to augment the rotary scroll air compressor business landscape over the estimated timeframe.

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In terms of the lubrication spectrum, the rotary scroll air compressor market is categorized into oil-filled & oil-free segments. Of these, the oil-filled segment is poised to exhibit a CAGR of around 2% by volume through 2024. This segmental growth is ascribed largely to vast prominence in food & beverages, medical & pharmaceutical, and home appliances industries. On the other hand, the oil-free segment is projected to register a growth rate of 3% by revenue through 2024.

In terms of segmentation by application, the global market is segmented into automotive & transportation, biotechnology, medical & pharmaceuticals, home appliances, food & beverage, and others (including semiconductor & electronics, commercial printing, etc.). The biotechnology segment is set to record a CAGR of 2% by volume through 2024, owing to the rising need to maintain a sterile atmosphere for lab equipment, research, and other purposes.

In the European region, the prevalence of rotary scroll air compressors particularly across food & beverage and home appliance sectors has been observed in recent years. The industry is expected to further continue maintaining its prominent position in the region over the projected timeframe, owing to the strong presence of medical and pharmaceutical industries.

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Emergence of thermal cameras and other advanced features will help regulate the temperature of air compressors in new variants, which could significantly bolster Europe rotary scroll market outlook in the foreseeable future.

Major participants in the rotary scroll air compressor industry include Ingersoll-Rand plc., Emerson Climate Technologies Inc., Sullair, LLC, Boge Compressors, Atlas Copco, and Gardner Denver Inc., among others. Market players are engaged in several strategic maneuvers to boost their stronghold in the global business space, including new product developments. For instance, Ingersoll-Rand plc. has recently unveiled a new range of oil-free rotary scroll air compressors, under the W-Series, which deliver whisper-quiet functionality in an array of commercial application requiring low maintenance, small footprint and contamination-free air.

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