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Skyrora to produce masks and sanitizers for UK amid COVID-19 crisis

Author : Pankaj Singh | Published Date : 2020-03-30 

Skyrora, a Scotland based private space company, reportedly announced that it would start manufacturing health equipment for frontline workers in the United Kingdom, answering the call of the UK government as well as the National Health Service to help the country fight the growing spread of the coronavirus. Skyrora is among the latest firms trying to enter the unique group of private space launch startups that fly payloads to orbit.

The company stated that the entirety of UK operations, including entire human resources as well as its working capitals, are now focused on tackling COVID-19. The space startup, which was established in 2017, had been operating test flights of its first spacecraft, achieving great advancements like an early successful engine trial that finished in February. The company utilized its in-house, eco-friendly experimental rocket fuel for this test.

However, the start-up would now aim on making hand sanitizers to help better supply the growing COVID-19 crisis alleviation efforts. Skyrora has manufactured its first batch already, utilizing all the requirements and guidelines provided by WHO. The company now aims to increase its manufacturing efforts and produce more than 10,000 bottles of 250 ml each week.

Apparently, there is a very close link between hand sanitizer production and rocketry. Ethanol, a type of alcohol that offers essential disinfecting ingredient for making hand sanitizers, is extensively utilized in early rocket fuel. Ecosene, the rocket fuel used by Skyrora, is a form of kerosene, which is a more commonly used rocket and modern aviation fuel.

Along with sanitizer, the company is currently contemplating with the Government of Scotland to assess if 3D-printed protective masks can be used to ensure frontline health workers’ safety. The start-up is presently testing initial prototypes and would look to mass manufacture this protective equipment following those trials verifying the result.

Several companies are pitching in wherever possible, including the shifting of manufacturing lines and production capacity to produce things which are highly required at the moment. This is undoubtedly a great initiative by companies, but there arises a question of what would happen to companies that change their focus significantly once this emergency situation is under control, particularly for small startups in emerging markets.


Source credit: https://techcrunch.com/2020/03/27/rocket-startup-skyrora-shifts-production-to-hand-sanitizer-and-face-masks-for-coronavirus-response/

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