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Smart Weapons Market: Overview and Share Forecasted to 2026

Author : Rahul Varpe | Published Date : 2020-09-21 

The smart weapons market is anticipated to witness significant growth over the coming time period owing to the increasing cross border conflicts and increasing FDI for manufacturing of weapons. Smart weapons usually utilize guidance systems that are dependent upon external assistance, making them different from brilliant weapons.

These weapons normally use a form of AI for the guidance of the payload to the intended target. There are several components used in smart weapons, one such is GPS (Global Positioning System). The GPS is what offers these weapons their precision navigation competencies. It generally determines the positioning of the user by trilateration/ triangulation. In addition, a combination of satellites can be utilized in order to determine the exact location of the receiver. The receiver of the GPS utilizes trilateration so as to determine the user's position on the earth's surface by timing signals from three different satellites in the GPS.

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The global positioning system is used for both civilian and military purposes in area of navigation, for bomb & missile guidance, for tracking down potential targets, in case of rescue and emergency situations, and lastly for map updating since defense forces require accurate as well as updated maps at numerous scales to accurately guide smart weapons.

Smart weapons market is bifurcated in terms of end-use, weapon type, component, and regional landscape.

With respect to end-use, the smart weapons market is classified into naval, airborne, and land. Increasing demand to safeguard costal area from naval conflicts, will augment the market growth for naval end-use segment in coming years.

Based on weapon type, the smart weapons market is segmented into guided firearms, guided rockets, guided projectiles, munitions, missiles, and others. The requirement of missiles for interception and air defense is contributing to the market growth of the missiles segment. Demand to increase lethality of weapons is generating demand for guided projectiles.

The requirement to minimize damage through friendly fire will support the market growth for guided firearms. Integration of various navigation and communication technologies in conventional weapons will support the market demand for others weapon type segment.

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In terms of component, the overall smart weapons market is categorized into radar, global positioning system (GPS), infrared, laser, and others. Ability to effectively navigate in dark will positively impact the market growth for infrared segment. Integration of GPS with SATCOM system, improving operational accuracy will lead to market growth of the GPS segment. Technological development in various components, supporting market penetration, will thus lead to growth of others component segment.

From a regional frame of reference, the market growth of smart weapons in Latin America can be attributed to the increasing FDI towards manufacturing of weapons. Increasing cross border conflicts within the Middle East & Africa region will support the acquisition of smart weapons.

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