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Smoke Pressure System Market | Industry Growth by Forecast to 2024

Author : Rahul Varpe | Published Date : 2020-08-21 

With the adoption of modern technology and data centers by organizations globally, the demand for enhanced smoke pressure and fire suppression solutions, that prevent critical data loss due to fire accidents, has substantially increased in the recent past.

The vulnerability of heavy electronic machineries and equipment used in data centers leads to a threat of hazardous situation such as smoke and fire breakout, and in these circumstances the significance of using smoke pressure system becomes vitally important. With the rise in establishment of data centers across various fields of businesses such as IT & Telecom, manufacturing, utility, healthcare, BFSI and energy, the market growth of stairwell pressurization systems is expected to ascend.

According to a recent forecast, global smoke pressure system market size is estimated to surpass US$500 million by 2024. Explained below are some factors anticipated to influence the industry dynamics in the coming years.

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Urbanization and the expanding construction sector

In Asia Pacific, Europe and Middle East, urbanization and refurbishment of infrastructure was at its peak in recent years. Due to extensive construction work in these regions, there is a huge scope for smoke pressure system installation. As the population is growing day by day, modernization and urbanization is becoming a never-ending process.

Due to the scarcity of space, the demand for constructing mid-rise to high-rise buildings have gone up. Various governments have made strict parameters for building constructions to ensure the safety of people and properties, which will boost the stairwell pressurization system industry share.

Growing demand for wall installation solutions

The lesser complex smoke pressure systems, such as wall installation system and single point injection that uses wall-mounted propeller fans are expected to see substantial adoption. Designing complex smoke pressure systems for high-rise buildings involve in-detail examination and evaluation of air pressure with respect to the conditioned building air and outside ambient air, which further increase the complexity of the product design.

Simple-designed wall installation systems facilitate accessibility of electrical components to conduct quick maintenance, which is a vital factor that leads to wall installation smoke pressure system market growth. As compared with the roof-mounted solutions that need separate duct and are relatively expensive, wall installation systems are cost-effective and easy in maintenance.

Europe to emerge as a major consumer

In the developed countries like Germany and France, where most of the manufacturing companies generate large amount of data, the number of data centers is increasing day by day, driving stairwell pressurization systems deployment. In Europe, various manufacturing industries are working in accordance with the government policies to expand and upgrade the existing smoke control units with the enhanced version for the safety of people.

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As per Berlin Building Regulation in Germany, it became mandatory to install smoke detection alarm with effect from January 1st, 2017.

The smoke pressure system market share is largely taken over by few big companies, with competition amongst them producing more efficient and advanced systems. Some of the key players are Colt International ltd, Flakt Group, Greenheck Fan Corporation, Systemair AB, Aldes Aeraulique S.A, Nuaire, Sodeca SLU, Air Pressure Solution, Essmann Group, Strulik GMBH, NOVENCO Building & Industry.



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