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Solar PV Backsheet Market with Competitive Analysis, New Business Developments and Forecast By 2024

Author : Ronak Bora | Published Date : 2020-09-11 

Latin America solar PV backsheet market share is predicted to witness growth over 14% by 2024 owing to introduction of several incentives including feed in tariff, incentives and tax credits. Moreover, market-based incentives, investment funds, simplified compensation schemes and soft costs will further positively impact the industry landscape.

U.S. solar PV backsheet market share is predicted to witness growth owing to establishing renewable energy mix. The industry has been economically competitive and rapidly maturing across the country when compared with other available counterparts. In 2016, according to the U.S. department of energy, photovoltaic jobs increased by 123% from 2010, registering for more than 209,000 workforces.

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UK solar PV backsheet market is predicted to exceed USD 90 million by 2014. Favorable measures towards integration of renewable generation technologies will propel the industry growth. Tariff reforms, tax rebates and feed in tariff are some of the incentives which will positively impact the adoption of renewable technologies. Introduction of several national plans to reduce carbon emissions will further complement the business landscape.

The surging demand for solar-powered systems across the globe has generated lucrative opportunities for solar PV backsheet market giants. In order to consolidate their presence across the competitive landscape, well-known players partaking in solar PV backsheet industry share have been adopting various business strategies such as joint ventures and M&As. For instance, DuPont, one of the very reputed solar PV material providers, has recently signed a deal with the Saudi Arabia based solar panel manufacturer, Desert Technologies, in order to capture more revenue from MEA, driven by the growing demand for photovoltaic systems across the region. Through this agreement, Desert Technologies will reportedly implement Dupont’s backsheets in its solar panels and projects. In addition, both the companies plan to improvise on the research and development activities in future to facilitate the production of reliable solar panels, which will significantly boost solar PV backsheet industry size. Besides, it is prudent to note that the Dutch-based company, DSM has also recently acquired the Chinese manufacturer of PV backsheets, Suzhou SunShine New Materials Technology to improve its product portfolio in solar systems. With this strategic acquisition, DSM seems to be looking forward to firmly establish its position in China solar PV backsheet market over the years ahead.

In order to reduce the wastage of renewable energy sources and encourage the masses to use non-fossil fuel based power, the Chinese government plans to enhance its power transmission capacity by reducing the nation’s dependency on coal. According to the IEA (International Energy Agency), in 2016, China installed solar-powered systems of a capacity more than 34 GW, which was nearly half of the installed capacity across the globe. China plans to substantially boost the solar system installation capacity over the years ahead, which is certain to have a positive impact on solar PV backsheet industry share. In addition, recently China signed an energy deal with Canada, through which the country intends to promote the benefits of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power. Considering how proactive the nation seems to be with regards to energy and innovation policies, experts predict China solar PV backsheet market share to soar higher in the years ahead.

Apart from business expansion, majority of the players in solar PV backsheet market have been observed to be focusing on the improvement of the material properties of PV backsheets. Bearing in mind the downsides of backsheets such as delamination, cracking, and yellowing, researchers have been trying to improve the mechanical properties of materials. For instance, 3M has invested heavily to develop new PV backsheets endowed with the properties of reliability and long-term performance. The increasing involvement of biggies in new material development is thus slated to propel solar PV backsheet market outlook in the years ahead. Furthermore, the ongoing R&D activities and the growing advancements in the product landscape will generate lucrative opportunities for players in solar PV backsheet industry, thereby impelling its revenue graph by 2024.

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Key player in solar PV backsheet market includes Coveme, Toyo Aluminium, Taiflex, Toray, Astenik, Isovoltaic, Arkema, Madico, Krempel, ZTT International, DuPont, 3M, Hangzhou, Targray and Dunmore.

Table of Contents (ToC) of the report:

Chapter 1    Methodology & Scope

1.1    Methodology

1.1.1    Initial data exploration

1.1.2    Statistical model and forecast

1.1.3    Industry insights and validation

1.1.4    Market definition & forecast parameters

1.2    Data Sources

1.2.1    Secondary

1.2.2    Primary

Chapter 2    Executive Summary

2.1    Solar PV backsheet industry 3600 synopsis, 2013 - 2024

2.1.1    Business trends

2.1.2    Product trends

2.1.3    Thickness trends

2.1.4    Material trends

2.1.5    Technology trends

2.1.6    Regional trends

Chapter 3    Solar PV Backsheet Market Insights

3.1    Industry segmentation

3.2    Industry landscape, 2013 – 2024 (USD Million)

3.3    Industry ecosystem analysis

3.3.1    Vendor Matrix

3.4    Innovation and sustainability

3.5    Regulatory landscape

3.5.1    Standards

3.5.2    Regulations and Initiatives    U.S.    Europe    WEEE Directive (2012/19/EU): -    UK    France    Germany    China    India    Australia    South Africa    Chile

3.6    Price trend analysis (PV Module)

3.6.1    North America

3.6.2    Europe

3.6.3    Asia Pacific & China

3.6.4    Middle East

3.6.5    Africa

3.6.6    Latin America

3.7    Technology Landscape

3.7.1    Crystalline

3.7.2    Thin film and Ultra-thin film

3.8    Solar PV installed capacity by country

3.9    Industry impact forces

3.9.1    Growth drivers    Growing adoption of sustainable energy technologies    Rapid deployment of solar roof-tops    Declining Solar Component Costs

3.9.2    Industry pitfalls and challenges    In-effective price performance index

3.10    Growth potential analysis

3.11    Porter’s Analysis

3.12    Competitive landscape, 2016

3.12.1    Strategy Dashboard    Dupont    ARKEMA    Isovoltaic    Dunmore

3.13    PESTEL Analysis

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