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Soluble Fibers Market: Functional food & beverages industry will be the major growth enabler

Author : Rahul Sankrityayan | Published Date : 2019-04-05 

Powered by a vast section of the global populace striving for increasing wellness and good health, soluble fibers market has lately observed quite some traction. Soluble fiber, a type of dietary fiber that has long since held the interest of the healthcare fraternity and has now come to be medically proven as a viable supplement for improving myriad health conditions. A plethora of research programs have been conducted on the efficiency of these fibers to assist the human body to deal with chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and the like. Despite having known the benefits of these fibers since long, their deployment in the form of dietary supplements across the pharma space has been overtly rampant since the last half a decade or so. In consequence, soluble fibers industry has come up as a highly lucrative investment destination for stakeholders. Indeed, soluble fibers market size had been pegged at USD 1.5 billion in 2016, as per a reliable study by Global Market Insights, Inc.

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An insight into North America soluble fibers market trends

North America indeed, is one of the most remunerative growth avenues for soluble fibers industry. One of the pivotal reasons for the same is the increasing prevalence of constipation and other digestive disorders in the region. A series of surveys in fact, has established that constipation is the most common problem in the United States, with more than 4 million sufferers. Ideally, around 20g to 35g of daily fiber intake is essential for an adult. However, surveys indicate that the average American has only 12g to 17g on a daily basis. The increasing awareness regarding the health impact of fiber-rich foods will thus massively drive U.S. soluble fibers market.

The North American turf, especially the U.S., has witnessed a massive transformation of sorts with regards to dietary choices. While a substantial proportion of the populace, especially the young generation, still reigns in with unhealthy food habits, the last half a decade has observed quite a percentage of the population leaning toward health-conscious meal consumption. This has provided a boost to the regional soluble fibers industry, having prompted food manufacturers to come up with a range of dietary supplements encompassing solely soluble fibers. As soluble fibers have been emerging as a functional food option, North America soluble fibers market in particular, will observe a major rise in terms of revenue and sales. Incidentally, global functional foods market has been forecast to exceed USD 400 billion by 2024, essentially driven by the robust demand for nutrition foods across developed nations such as North America and Europe.

Aided by the ongoing trends of good health and organic diet consumption, soluble fibers market is likely to register a commendable growth rate in the years ahead. The nutrition industry is being plied with a slew of scientific studies on a daily basis that claim the impact of numerous foods on health. Soluble fibers in this regard, seems to have established a marginal certainty regarding their nutritional benefits. While significant research studies are still being conducted in this context, it would be fair enough to state that soluble fibers industry will turn out to be one of the most profitable hotbeds for nutrition magnates in the years to come. As per estimates, soluble fibers market size has been forecast to surpass USD 5.5 billion by 2024.

Why soluble fibers market has gained mass prominence

It is indeed rather discernible that soluble fibers possess an amplitude of benefits, on account of which their inclusion in regular diet has been thought of to be extremely healthy. Endowed with the ability to maintain bowel health, aid in weight loss, lower cholesterol levels, and control blood sugar levels, soluble fibers are known to reduce the risk for heart disease, diverticular disease, constipation, and diabetes. In a study conducted by the Harvard University including more than 40,000 male health professionals, it was found that a high dietary fiber intake may be able to lower the risk of coronary heart disease by 40%. A similar study claimed these fibers to reduce the risk of diverticular disease by 40% as well. This has majorly encouraged companies to include soluble fibers in 100% dietary supplements, increasing the scope of soluble fibers market.

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With consumers becoming more aware of health-conscious foods, food labels reading ‘whole grain’ and ‘dietary fiber’ have been becoming increasingly commonplace. As per the U.S. Department of Agriculture, dietary fiber information has been the sole food label that witnessed increased use by U.S. consumers in the last couple of decades. Indeed, this validates the mass eminence that soluble fibers industry has been observing currently. In fact, a survey conducted nearly a decade ago by the International Food Information Council Foundation stated that around 52% of consumers preferred to buy products that indicated fiber content. The figure is a 10% rise from that of 2006. Indeed, it is undeniable that soluble fibers market, as on today, has been enjoying a considerably strong position in the nutrition space that what it did several years back.

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