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Spray Dried Food Market to depict appreciable growth prospects over 2017-2024, Asia Pacific to emerge as a prominent regional contender

Author : Rahul Sankrityayan | Published Date : 2019-03-25 

Spray Dried Food Market is foreseen to register a notable growth in the forecast time frame owing to rising demand for ready to eat edibles & snacks coupled with the convenience foods. Increasing demand for edible products with long shelf life along with high demand of seasonal food products supports the spray dried food market in future.

Rising consumer awareness for health benefits from dietary consumption is likely to propel the product market growth. As edible products contain no moisture, helps to restrict the growth of micro-organisms in the products and keeping them fresh for long time. Expansion in snacks, confectionary and bakery industries is a major driving factor for spray dried food market growth, as manufacturers are focused on producing the healthier edibles owing to high demand for the product.

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Shifting consumer eating preference couple with demographic & income trend are the key reasons which uplift the spray dried food market growth in predicted time frame. These products are produced by spray drying technique in which liquid products are converted into dry form by quick drying with the help of hot gases. Basically the usage of this technique is in dairy & coffee manufacturing sectors which helps in retaining the taste & flavor of edible coupled with extended shelf life of the products. Most of the manufacturers implement this technique for producing instant edible. The products are less costly as compared to freeze dried edibles is another reason for product market growth in upcoming years.

Increasing demand for dairy products include cream, cheese, powder milk and mava for several health benefits is expected to propel the spray dried food market demand in forecast period. Ease of storage, light weight and high nutritional value are the key factors is anticipated to fuel the spray dried food market demand. The aroma and color of these products did not change and helps in order to maintain the texture of edibles. Based on product, spray dried food market is segregated which includes fruits, spices, seafoods, seasonings, dairy products and seafoods. High usage of the products in several areas includes bakery & confectionary, snacks, soup mixes and infant formulas.

Geographically, North America is expected to be the major contributor in spray dried food market owing to the growth of dairy industry and high consumption of products in this region. However, this region is predicted to be a potential market for dairy and ready to eat products by adopting advanced technology and diversification of the product offerings.

Asia Pacific holds the largest share of spray dried food market due to the high consumption, population growth and change in living standards in this region. Additionally, Japan is expected to show the substantial growth owing to the expansion of food & beverage sector and demand for ready to eat products in this region, this in turn will support the product market growth in forecast period. 

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The prominent players across the value chain of spray dried food industry includes Green Rootz, General Mills, Ajinomoto Co. Inc, Drytech Industries, Unilever, Van Drunen Farms, Nestle and Mercer Foods. Some other key participants in the market includes RB Foods, Sunspray Food Ingredients, The Food Source International,mevive international food ingredients, General Mills Inc., Kraft Foods Inc and WATSON-INC.

The manufactures are expected to expand their business by providing best quality and varieties of edible product in spray dried food market. In September 2016, for an instance Nestle had launch a premium chocolate brand includes munch nuts and kit kat duo, which also comes under the spray dried edibles. This in turn will give a significant impact on the product market growth in future.

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