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Styrenic Block Copolymer (SBC) Market 2020 | Top Key Players - BASF, Zeon Corporation, Chi Mei Corp., Kraton Performance Polymers, Sinopec, LCY Chemical Corp

Author : Ravi Chawat | Published Date : 2020-09-02 

It is estimated that global styrenic block copolymer market size will hit a valuation of more than US$10 billion by 2023. Volatility of raw material prices may hamper product manufacturing and demand up to some extent. However, a positive application potential in the healthcare industry and a strong demand for baby diapers will offer consistent opportunities for SBC manufacturers.

Styrenic block copolymers (SBC) are among the most versatile materials today that are used in myriad adhesive applications such as construction adhesives and sealants, labels, tapes, and several others. As SBCs combine the characteristics of a resin and a thermoplastic, they are often used to improve the performance of different products and materials. They possess the solubility and thermoplastic characteristics of polystyrene which makes them useful as tougheners and impact modifiers in plastics, adhesives, and sealants.

Styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS), Styrene-isoprene-styrene (SIS), and Hydrogenated SBC are some of the different types of styrenic block copolymers (SBCs) market. In addition to adhesives and sealants, these are prominently used in applications such as roofing and paving, rubber bands, gasket materials, toys, advanced materials, footwear, and a range of coatings.

Population growth and rising demand for baby diapers

With rapid growth in the global population, the demand for baby diapers, which are one of the most essential consumer goods, has increased significantly. Majority of consumers today prefer high-quality baby diapers with excellent absorption, and more importantly, a comfortable fit.

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According to the American non-profit organization National Diaper Bank Network, infants need up to 12 diapers per day on average, while toddlers require about 8 diapers. Increased participation of women in the workforce across many countries is likely to further propel the need for baby diapers. Styrenic block copolymers (SBC) market are used in baby diapers to offer a soft stretch performance and enhanced elasticity to elastic diaper components such as waistbands, diaper ears, and side panels.

With the proliferation of ecommerce platforms and growing popularity of online shopping, leading ecommerce players are aiming to offer a broad range of products to ensure a better shopping experience for customers.

As shops and retail outlets continue to remain closed in many regions due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, consumers are heavily relying on ecommerce platforms and online shopping for the delivery of essential items, including baby diapers.

Table of Contents (ToC) of the report:

Chapter 7    Company Profiles

7.1    BASF

7.1.1    Business Overview

7.1.2    Financial Data

7.1.3    Product Landscape

7.1.4    Strategic Outlook

7.2    Zeon Corporation

7.2.1    Business Overview

7.2.2    Financial Data

7.2.3    Product Landscape

7.2.4    Strategic Outlook

7.3    Chi Mei Corp.

7.3.1    Business Overview

7.3.2    Financial Data

7.3.3    Product Landscape

7.3.4    Strategic Outlook

7.4    Kraton Performance Polymers

7.4.1    Business Overview

7.4.2    Financial Data

7.4.3    Product Landscape

7.4.4    Strategic Outlook

7.5    Sinopec

7.5.1    Business Overview


Extensive application in adhesives and sealants

Adhesives and sealants play a central role in automotive and aerospace sectors for assembling different parts and components, as well as in the construction sector for floor tile installation. These sectors have experienced rapid expansion in recent years due to a notable rise in people’s disposable incomes, which has resulted in increased air travel, growing vehicle ownership, and a robust demand for urban infrastructure.

Styrenic block copolymers (SBC) are mainly used in adhesives and sealants to enhance cohesion strength, improve adhesion, and offer a superior weathering resistance. The material is also used in hotmelt pressure sensitive adhesives (HMPSAs), which have gained significant prominence in the manufacturing of pressure sensitive labels.

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The ongoing coronavirus crisis has considerably disrupted manufacturing and industrial activities across the globe, which may temporarily impact the production and demand for adhesives and sealants

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