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The factors that may drive cosmetic pigments market growth by 2026

Author : Ravi Chawat | Published Date : 2021-02-18 

Robust usage of cosmetic pigments in foundation, lip care, haircare, nail care, and eye make-up is expected to impel the cosmetic pigments market size. Pigments are solid molecules that bring in nuance and color to a liquid or solid preparation. They are integral to cosmetics as they lend a unique dimension to the face.

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Between inorganic and organic cosmetic pigments, the latter is usually derived from carbon chains and rings. The colors of organic pigments are much brighter than those of inorganic pigments. Toners, lakes, and true pigments are types of organic pigments. True pigments and toners are likely to witness robust demand in the upcoming years. Nano pigments, surface treated pigments, special effect pigments, and natural colorants are the types of cosmetic pigments, based on product.

Given to surge in demand, cosmetic pigment manufacturers are working on new product development and technologically advanced tools. For instance, in 2019, Colors & Effects, BASF’s pigment brand, launched its new digital product finder tool which provides customers an integrated user experience for interaction with the firm’s diverse pigment range for the plastics, agriculture, coatings, cosmetics, and printing industries. The ‘Pigment Finder’ tool uses a highly developed search technology combined with sophisticated industry filters to enable customers to find the pigments as per their requirements.

How is the special effect pigments segment driving industry expansion?

The special effect pigments segment is anticipated to record around 4% CAGR over the forecast period owing to their ability to give unusual optical effects to be used in cosmetics. These pigments are greatly preferred in eye shadow, lipsticks, nail varnish, and other cosmetics, given to their excellent possibilities to obtain optical impressions such as multiple reflections or pearl luster, angle-dependent interference colors, and eye-catching effects. Through this, special effect pigments can create numerous new and attractive trends and effects.

How is the hair care products segment contributing towards cosmetic pigments market growth?

With respect to product application, the hair care products segment is projected to grow substantially on account of rising use of natural colorants in hair care items. Meanwhile, other applications like lip care, blusher, facial make-up, foundation, nail care, eye make-up products are also expected to offer substantial gains to the cosmetic pigments industry growth. The others segment is likely to register a CAGR of over 4.2% in the forecast timeframe.

Which regions are emerging as a lucrative business ground for cosmetic pigments firms?

The Latin America cosmetic pigments market is expected to gain a valuation of around USD 29.35 million and a 5.9% CAGR over the coming years. On the other hand, the Middle East & Africa cosmetic pigments industry is estimated to reach a USD 14.82 million valuation in the given period.

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