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Traction for UV curing adhesives to keep TCD Alcohol DM Market afloat

Author : Ravi Chawat | Published Date : 2020-09-07 

The TCD alcohol DM market, having registered a valuation of 20 million by 2024, with an anticipated CAGR of 7%. Added by Global Market Insights, Inc., the document consists of substantial information on the market scenario, industry strategies, evolving technologies, market competitors, growth opportunities, and market segmentations.

With exceptional transparency, elasticity and harness, TCD alcohol DM has been gaining prominence in automotive, packaging and optoelectronics applications. Use of TCD alcohol DM in the production of UV adhesives and UV inkjet inks will continue to soar in the next half-a-decade.

Given that TCD alcohol DM carries sizeable economic significance in a slew of industries, Oxea GmbH, which has monopoly over the production of the product, may be inclined to boost its production capacity.

The sole producer of TCD alcohol DM is gearing to boost product availability and bolster supply chain and anticipates the additional capacity to be available by mid-2021. Meanwhile, the industry trends and dynamics may change following the patent expiry of Oxea GmbH in 2023.

In the recently compiled research report by Global Market Insights, Inc., TCD alcohol DM market size has been projected to surpass US$20 million by 2024.

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Opportunities in APAC

Asia Pacific will come up as a lucrative investment hub with emerging economies such as India and China witnessing a massive influx in the number of school goers. On the heels of proliferating demand for printed books, UV inkjet inks will occupy sizeable market value in APAC TCD alcohol DM industry.

North America is expected to witness a steady growth as demand for eco-friendly and superior print products soars in the U.S. and Canada. Besides, palpable growth of UV coating electronic gadgets will further accentuate North America business outlook.

Challenges: toxicological concern

While there are chances that competitive nature of TCD alcohol DM market may be witnessed post expiry of patent of Oxea gmbH, toxicological concern may derail the industry growth.

Strategic investment in TCD alcohol Dm will keep the market afloat and stakeholders expect soaring demand for UV curing adhesives and UV curing inkjet inks to underscore the industry revenue.

Trend in UV curable adhesives becomes palpable

Traction for UV curable adhesives is likely to be more pronounced in the ensuing period and the adhesives will be used for potting compounds and sealants in electronics, outdoor applications and medical device assembly. Given that UV curing adhesives packaging solutions tend to provide a shield against moisture infiltration and product breakdown, TCD alcohol DM will continue to gain competitive edge across end-markets.

At the time when stakeholders are strongly infusing funds in novel technologies, sophisticated materials and sustainability, trend for UV curing adhesives in packaging is likely to continue, for at least next five years.

Investment in UV curing to bolster growth

With sustainability and green technologies such as UV curing grabbing headlines globally, impressive growth in UV printing inks may be likely in 2020 and beyond. Given that they are weather resistant, solvent and chemical resistant and are eco-friendly, investment in VOC-free inks is expected to surge.

Growing traction for environmentally friendly UV curing inks and flexo inks will subsequently drive the consumption of TCD alcohol DM. Heightened demand for UV curing inks in e-commerce and packaging industries will be more noticeable in the future course of period.  Given that inks remain at the same level viscosity and save on cleaning and wash up, UV curing inks are likely to hold lion’s share in TCD alcohol DM industry.

Browse complete Table of Contents (ToC) of this research report @ https://www.gminsights.com/toc/detail/tcd-alcohol-dm-market

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