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Trichlorosilane market Growing demand for consumer electronics devices will require an increasing number of complex and smaller semiconductors

Author : Ravi Chawat | Published Date : 2020-12-01 

Global trichlorosilane market growth from 2019 to 2025 is driven by rising demand from polysilicon production using Siemens process in which trichlorosilane is used as a major feedstock. It is primarily utilized in manufacturing of silane coupling agents, silicone resins, intermediary material in the production of epitaxial wafers, polycrystalline silicone and organic chemical compounds.

Growth of solar industry is increasing the demand for photovoltaic products manufactured using polysilicon, which will augment the trichlorosilane market. Solar industry has witnessed around 109 GW of new capacity installations in 2018, which has resulted into installed capacity of 512 GW across the globe. Rise in solar PV installation worldwide is projected to spur the demand for polysilicon.

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Rapid growth of semiconductor component manufacturing to meet increasing requirement from electronics industry is driving the demand for electronic grade polycrystalline silicon. Trichlorosilane is widely used for the deposition of epitactic silicon layers on silicon wafers during semiconductor production.

Growing demand for consumer electronics devices will require an increasing number of complex and smaller semiconductors. As a result, semiconductor manufacturing facilities are challenged to meet complex technology nodes which will further boost the demand for ultra-high purity polysilicon. Large scale production of electronic grade silicon consumes high volume of trichlorosilane for ease of purification to reach desired degree of purity.

Some of the major trichlorosilane market players including Wacker Chemie, Linde, Evonik are focused on mergers & acquisitions to expand their production capacities to meet rising demand for the trichlorosilane. The companies are increasingly investing in developing and optimizing production processes to achieve desired quantity and purity of the trichlorosilane.

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