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Saipriya Iyer

Saipriya Iyer

Saipriya Iyer presently works as a content developer for fractovia.org. Having dabbled with the domain of content creation for nearly half a decade, she now boasts of an enviable portfolio, holding substantial experience in penning down pieces related to technology, finance, and a wide spectrum of other industry verticals. A qualified computer engineering graduate from the University of Pune, Saipriya can often be found leveraging her knowledge of software technology and electronics in her write-ups. She can be contacted at- [email protected] | https://twitter.com/saipriya_i

Contribution by Saipriya Iyer

Tesla-CATL in talks to use cobalt-free batteries in China-made EVs

Published Date: 2020-02-19         Author: Saipriya Iyer

Tesla, an American EV and clean energy company, and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd., a Chinese battery manufacturer, are reportedly in talks to advance EV battery technology. According to the discussion, which started more than a year ago, Tesla will adopt a new generation of batteries deve... Read More

CURE Pharma inks cannabis licensing agreement with Vanguard Scientific

Published Date: 2020-02-14         Author: Saipriya Iyer

Cure Pharmaceutical, a pharma firm involved in the delivery and development of drugs, recently announced it has inked an agreement for collaboration and licensing with Vanguard Scientific Systems, Inc. Vanguard is a leading equipment, performance solutions, and systems provider to the botanical e... Read More

JPM in merger talks with ConsenSys for its Quorum blockchain unit

Published Date: 2020-02-13         Author: Saipriya Iyer

JPMorgan Chase & Co. is recently in talks to form a major merger between its blockchain Quorum unit and ConsenSys. The merger aligns with the Ethereum-focused firm, ConsenSys’s shift towards the software division. The deal reportedly wouldn’t have any impact on the IIN and JPM’... Read More

Google and EU to battle in court over 2.4B euros antitrust fine

Published Date: 2020-02-12         Author: Saipriya Iyer

Google and the European Union are reportedly set to engage in a court battle over a €2.4 billion fine at the General Court in Luxembourg. The fine was imposed by the EU’s antitrust office on Google for allegedly promoting its services at smaller rivals’ expense and making faulty pra... Read More

Eyecarrot awaits TSX Venture Exchange approval to acquire ConnectMe

Published Date: 2020-02-11         Author: Saipriya Iyer

Eyecarrot Innovations Corp., a hardware- and software-centered platform, has recently entered a share purchase agreement to acquire ConnectMe Solution. The acquisition will be made indirectly by acquiring Call Connect Me Inc. from security holders. As consideration for the acquisition, a cumulati... Read More

Phase II/III trials of gantenerumab fail to reach primary endpoint

Published Date: 2020-02-10         Author: Saipriya Iyer

Genentech, a subsidiary of the Roche group, has recently announced that the Phase II/III DIAN-TU-001 clinical trial for gantenerumab failed to achieve the primary endpoint. The trial of this late-stage investigational medicine was conducted for treatment of patients suffering from early onset and in... Read More

SpaceX rival OneWeb places 34 internet satellites in the earth’s orbit

Published Date: 2020-02-08         Author: Saipriya Iyer

OneWeb, a global communications company, has reportedly launched new internet satellites from Kazakhstan atop a Russian-developed Soyuz rocket. OneWeb had acquired the rocket from Arianespace, a renowned aerospace company based in France. Adrian Steckel, CEO, OneWeb, stated that the launch is ant... Read More

RANE acquires Stratfor to develop its geopolitical capabilities

Published Date: 2020-02-06         Author: Saipriya Iyer

RANE (Risk Assistance Network + Exchange) announced the acquisition of Stratfor, an Austin-based prominent geopolitical intelligence platform. The acquisition will help RANE to provide an advanced suite of services for corporations and risk professionals. These services will help organizations and p... Read More

Gtriip receives new investment from its Series B round led by KDDI

Published Date: 2020-02-04         Author: Saipriya Iyer

Gtriip Global, a Singapore based digital identity startup, reportedly announced that it raised new investment from a Series B funding round. While the company did not disclose the raised amount yet, it plans to use the newly raised capital to expand and establish its footprint throughout the Asia Pa... Read More

SoftBank targets deploying self-driving buses in Japan from April 2020

Published Date: 2020-01-29         Author: Saipriya Iyer

SoftBank Group is aiming to boost its efforts to deploy self-driving buses in Japan soon. The group will soon unveil a plan for carrying passengers across public roads from April. Apparently, a town located on the outskirts of Tokyo, Sakai, has been planning to start running vehicles over a 2.5-k... Read More

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