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Unveiling Aerial Work Platform Market trends with respect to the product spectrum: Scissor Lifts to garner mass traction over 2019-2025

Publisher : Fractovia | Latest Update: 2019-04-05 | Published Date : 2016-08-03Request Sample

The revenue graph of the global aerial work platform (AWP) market is expected to remain consistently exponential in the years to come, pertaining to the fact that AWP is considered to be the backbone of infrastructure maintenance activities. Maintaining & repairing ageing infrastructure is a major issue faced by a number of developed countries, that have remained consistent revenue grounds for the AWP industry. However, of late, developing nations are increasingly investing in their infrastructure development & construction activities and are consequently expected to emerge as major remuneration pockets for the marketplace in the coming years.

aerial work platform (AWP) market

One of the biggest reasons behind this two-pronged growth is the extensive diversity of AWPs and their widespread application spectrum. Further adding value to their high popularity is the fact that the AWPs now come integrated with a plethora of advanced technical features, ranging from telematics & sensors to CAN bus, which make them much better than conventional platforms in terms of safety.

Having safe working conditions at sites situated at a great height is the key factor behind the selection of AWPs, however, the equipment’s capabilities, the environment in which it is to be deployed as well as the nature of the work also dictates the kind of AWP that would be ideal for the task.

Different AWPs are specifically built to address a particular type of application. For instance, the Spider Lift, which does not have wheels and instead comes with four stabilizing legs that keep it from tipping over, is specifically built for construction sites where the ground is often uneven. However, the AWPs that are more versatile, flexible and capable of carrying out different tasks witness higher demands in terms of overall sales. A gist of the most prominent products that have gained mainstream popularity has been enlisted below:

AWP industry trends | The demand graph of Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts, also known as Mobile, Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs), are among the most commonly utilized AWPs in the world. Scissor lifts boast of an extremely diverse range of end-uses and are often touted as one of the best ways of gaining access to work areas that are elevated.

Scissor lifts can handle any applications that would typically require a tower, ladder or scaffolding and they allow the job to be completed faster and more securely without going through the set-up time taken by towers & scaffoldings, sans the worry regarding the instability of a ladder.

This AWP is a vertical lift that can only go straight up, and comes with a platform that is significantly larger than the platforms offered by its counterparts, which allows it to effectively move personnel & equipment. The lifts are classified in two major groups, indoor & outdoor. According to MacAllister Rentals, many indoor scissor lift variants produce no emissions and also operate at a very low level of noise. The indoor variants also boast of numerous business & industry applications with the some of the most prominent avenues being shopping malls, sports stadiums, concert halls and airports.

The versatility and the diverse range of end-applications for these components would thus be responsible for driving the growth of the overall AWP market from scissor lifts over the forthcoming years.

AWP industry trends | The demand graph of Boom Lifts

A boom lift is the most flexible AWP that is currently available in the market, owing to the platform’s maneuverable arm. Boom lifts, unlike scissor lifts are capable of moving their lift arms in different directions without having the need to drive the AWP immediately near or below the elevated work areas. This capability is one of the primary reasons behind this particular component capturing a commendable share of the global AWP market.

The global AWP market size from boom lifts is also slated to depict an incline on account of the increasing sales of articulating boom lifts or knuckle lifts. Articulating boom lifts come with multiple joints similar to that of a human arm, and are capable of maneuvering themselves to reach elevated work locations in cramped areas with numerous obstacles.

Moreover, these knuckle lifts can work on uneven terrains and also come with a rotating base that is capable of rotating a complete 360°. This feature facilitates a great deal of convenience to the operator for reaching challenging elevated areas, making boom lifts all the more appealing to customers looking to purchase or rent AWPs.

While these products find extensive deployment in the transportation, utility, and logistics sectors, they are most prominently used in the construction and mining sectors. As a matter of fact, aerial work platforms market size from construction & mining applications stood at USD 3 billion in 2018 and is expected to depict commendable growth in the years ahead, driven by the increasing number of infrastructural projects across the globe.

Powered by the extensive application landscape of AWPs and the innovation brought about in their design and development, the global AWP market is projected to experience substantial growth over the forecast timeframe. A pivotal claim supporting the validity of this statement is that of Global Market Insights, Inc., that projects the overall AWP market size to surpass the $16 billion renumeration mark by 2025.


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