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Rapid urbanization trends to fuel Africa fire suppression market over 2019-2025, fire sprinklers to witness massive demand across the continent

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Driven by the  growing urbanization in emerging African countries along with an exponential rise in fire outbreaks, the Africa fire suppression market will foster commendable proceeds over the coming years. Reportedly, Africa encounters large number of fire cases, with over a million patients experiencing burned injuries annually, of which 18% are hospitalized and 6% to 10% are succumbed to the burn injuries.. These tragic events are mainly caused by factors like haphazard urban development, overpopulation, inadequate electrification at homes often in low-income communities, use of bio-mass fuels as a primary energy source, and lack of effective fire prevention and education programs.


South Africa Fire Suppression Market Size, By Application, 2018 & 2025 (USD Million)
South Africa Fire Suppression Market Size, By Application, 2018 & 2025 (USD Million)

The Africa fire suppression market has gained immense traction in the residential and industrial space owing to rapid advancements in the construction sector along with the presence of several oil & gas and chemical companies that mainly contain highly flammable products. Fire suppressors are equipment used to extinguish or avert fire outbreaks across the commercial, residential, and industrial zones. Fire sprinklers use pressurized water distribution system to suppress fire outbreaks. Meanwhile, extinguishers commonly come in foam, dry chemical and CO2 types.

Moreover, rising investments to offer affordable housing infrastructures is further estimated to be a prominent factor propelling the market growth over the coming years. Recently the International Financial Corporation (IFC) and China’s CITIC Construction launched a $300 million investment platform dubbed CITICC (Africa) Holding Ltd., to develop housing in multiple African countries, with Kenya and Nigeria being at the highest priority. Undeniably, these advancements will encourage product adoption, indirectly supporting Africa fire suppression market growth.

Industrial sector to emerge as a major end-user for Africa fire suppression market

Expansion in the manufacturing and service sectors along with growing concerns associated with fire safety and prevention will provide a substantial impetus to Africa fire suppression market size. Currently, industry players are increasingly realizing the vast potential of the region’s manufacturing sector that will help attain next levels of economic development in Africa. Reports suggest that Business-to-business (B2B) spending in manufacturing sector of Africa is projected to reach $666.3 billion by 2030, around $201.28 billion more than that in 2015. With such rapid advancements, the adoption of fire prevention and safety systems will become vital in the years to come. Besides, with organizations like the Fire Protection Association of Southern Africa (FPASA) introducing effective programs and measures onboard to help curtail the fire accidents, companies can effectively attain a specialized fire safety management training program to handle fire suppression systems more effectively.

How will sprinklers help reduce the impact of potential fires in residential and commercial zones?

Introduction of high precision sprinkler systems will help reduce the probability of fire accidents across critical areas like hospitals and laboratories. Indeed, the system can assist in controlling fire outbreaks in its early stage, thus limiting damage and giving occupants added time to escape, as well as reduce the risks faced by firefighters while rectifying such incidents. The product becomes of keen importance in the hospital space as patients are mostly incapable of self-preservation due to age, physical or mental disability factors. In addition to the problems posed by patients, surgical procedures can also not be stopped because of a fire outbreak. Thus, by using sprinkler systems hospital can easily control fire outbreaks by themselves without affecting patients comfort.

Speaking along similar lines, the healthcare sector, particularly in regions like Kenya, is slated to have a prominent impact on the growth trajectory of Africa fire suppression industry. Reportedly, the country has a health policy in line with its Vision 2030, which aims to maintain a healthy workforce by providing affordable, quality healthcare to the entire nation. To do so, Kenya plans to provide healthcare through a network of over 4700 health facilities.

With such rapid advancements in the residential, industrial and commercial sectors coupled with massive investments to promote urbanization, the Africa fire suppression market is overt garner hefty proceeds in the years to come. A report by Global Market Insights, Inc., projects the Africa fire suppression market share to exceed $700 million by 2025.

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