A succinct outline of Air Humidifier Market in terms of product differentiation and regulatory framework, portable humidifiers to witness massive demand

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Air humidifier market has experienced a remarkable pace of progression in terms of revenue streams, courtesy- the growing awareness regarding indirect health impacts of relative humidity. Experimental studies depict that the occurrence of respiratory disorders often stems from low or very high relative humidity in an indoor environment, as it has direct influence on the temperature perception. In fact, as it is observed, the incidence of respiratory infections is comparatively lower among populace who work in an environment of mid-ranged relative humidity. The unavoidable influence of relative humidity on abundance of pathogens, noxious chemicals, and allergens suggest that indoor relative humidity level is a viable factor to be considered to maintain a healthy air quality. This in consequence, has brought an immense growth opportunity for air humidifier market giants, who have been constantly coming up with innovative products to tap the maximum of this burgeoning business sphere.


U.S. Air Humidifier Market, By Application, 2017 & 2024, (Units)
 U.S. Air Humidifier Market, By Application, 2017 & 2024, (Units)

In a recent turn of events, globally acclaimed industrial conglomerate, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, made it to the front page with its latest range of ‘roomist’ humidifiers for Japan market. Reportedly, the range encompassed five fan powered steam type units, four limited edition e-commerce models, and three-hybrid evaporative warm mist systems. Among the standard fan-powered steam type humidifier range, two of them exhibit a humidifying capacity of almost 350 ml/h, having a power consumption of only 250 watt and operate at 27 dB. Endorsing such a unique palate of features, experts claim it as one of the futuristic product approaches in air humidifier industry especially with regards to its energy efficiency and low sound characteristics. The hybrid evaporative warm-mist range has also garnered rave reviews in the business space and is allegedly, industry’s only humidifier range that enables sequential operation with air conditioner. As per reliable estimates, the global warm-mist air humidifier market size is slated to exceed a valuation of USD 500 million by 2024.

Another pivotal product vertical for which investors are highly optimistic and have been betting big is portable air humidifier market. In fact, as per reliable sources, this particular business vertical dominated the global share in terms of volume (90%) in 2017. The yesteryear dominance can be majorly credited to its extensive array of unique features like high mobility, convenience, easy installation, low energy consumption, and of course portability. Another pointer that has favored portable air humidifier expansion especially across residential sector is the relative low cost of the product when compared to its counterparts.

While elaborating further on the progression of air humidifier industry, it is important to take note of how regulatory backing is shaping the industry dynamics. The ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers) recommends indoor temperature and humidity levels for residential complexes. According to the organization, the optimal relative humidity of occupied spaces should be less than 65% in a bid to avoid the condition that might result in microbial growth. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) also provides relevant information regarding the health risks resulting from uncontrolled humidity level. As per USEPA, a relative humidity of nearly 30% to 50% is generally ideal for domestic arenas. It is quite evident from these data that a strict regulatory framework speaks volume and has much to contribute to air humidifier industry share.

The importance of air humidifier has been identified globally and continuous efforts have been made by renowned biggies like Boneco, Arnstrong International, Dristeem, Philips, Vornado, Stadler Foam, and Winix to enhance the product landscape. Boneco, for instance, has launched a groundbreaking digital warm & cool mist ultrasonic humidifier in the market that claims to provide best line of defense against allergens. Reportedly, the company has utilized high-frequency vibration to transform water into fine mist, so that it efficiently cleanses the air, stamping down all harmful germs and bacteria. Ergo, it can be inferred that the appreciable efforts undertaken by the air humidifier market giants is sure to add much to the commercialization matrix of this fraternity. Global Market Insights, Inc. forecasts overall air humidifier industry share to exceed USD 2.8 billion by 2024.

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