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North America to lead aircraft ground handling system market over 2019-2025

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The rising trends of urbanization and modernization have led to a rise in air transportation. Aircraft ground handling system market has been gaining considerable popularity of late, pertaining to the increasing consumer spending power and a relatively fast-moving lifestyle. Favorable initiatives taken by the government as well as airport authorities to provide comfort and luxurious facilities to passengers will stimulate aircraft ground handling system industry share.

U.S. Aircraft Ground Handling System Market, By Application, 2018 & 2025, (USD Million)
U.S. Aircraft Ground Handling System Market, By Application, 2018 & 2025, (USD Million)


Most of the industry giants are making considerable investments to bring about technological enhancements in the handling system to avoid aircraft collisions with ground handling equipment. The emergence of IoT and the implementation of proximity sensors in the system will help to improve the handling facility and avoid collisions. The noteworthy players in aircraft ground handling system market are John Menzies, Air+MAK, Swissport, Dnata, Celebi Aviation, SATS Ltd., PrimeFlight, Bhadra International, JBT AeroTech, Cavotec SA, and CargoTec.

Airport authorities across APAC are increasingly implementing innovative technologies in aircraft systems to provide efficient service to the passengers along with baggage services.  Asia Pacific aircraft ground handling system market covered a substantial percentage of the regional share in 2018 and is expected to generate notable returns with a considerable annual growth rate over the period of 2019 to 2025.

It has been observed that of late, the APAC population has been giving preference to air transit, owing to the growing urbanization and rise in population. In addition to this, government and airport authorities are looking forward to expanding airports and are also investing heavily in airport infrastructural development, which will boost the regional aircraft ground handling system industry size.

To provide ideal and cost-effective handling systems for carrying perishable products, service providers and airlines have adopted improved handling techniques. Passenger handling includes baggage check-in, security screening, ticketing, special services, passenger assistance, and boarding. Aircraft ground handling system industry will collect quite some proceeds from passenger handling applications by the end of 2025, owing to the rising number of passengers along with the shifting focus of consumers toward air travel. Passenger buses and towable stairs are some of the important equipment used for handling passengers.

Many new aircraft companies have been introducing air vehicles to fulfil increasing need of transportation, mainly across Europe. Europe aircraft ground handling system market will generate considerable revenue over the years ahead, pertaining to the rising number of passengers inclined toward air travel and the escalating investments in the development of additional runways and advanced airports. France and Germany are expected to be the most prominent revenue contributors for Europe and will drastically impact the regional industry trends.


Aircraft ground handling system market from aircraft handling will record a substantial CAGR over the coming seven years. To comply with growing number of passengers and fleets, airport authorities are favoring the implementation and development of innovative ideas to provide better service to passengers. Aircraft handling equipment consists of tow tractors, hydraulic testing units, re-fuelers, chocks, de-icing, tow bars, anti-icing systems, and jet air starters. Cargo handling is another lucrative application segment of aircraft ground handling system market, which is expected to dominate the industry over the forecast period.

North America is a lucrative avenue that fuels the demand for all kinds of handling equipment such as cargo, passenger, and aircraft on a large scale. North America aircraft ground handling system market outlook will depict quite some transformation in the forecast period, as the region is slated to dominate the global landscape over 2019-2025, primarily driven by the technical improvements to enhance operational efficiency.

Growing awareness regarding the hazardous effects of carbon emissions and the deployment of stringent norms to reduce the same have brought about a massive change in the business perspective of market players toward the development of battery operated tugs and trucks. Many of the industry giants are now looking forward to being a part of the development of software based equipment to handle the rising traffic.

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