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Development of cutting-edge raw materials to drive aircraft window frame market through 2025

Publisher : Fractovia | Published Date : 2019-07-17Request Sample

Steep increase in aircraft manufacturing owing to rising air travel has been a pivotal factor in benefiting aircraft window frame market share over the past few years. Increase in low-cost carriers, growth of the middle class globally, and improved airport infrastructure spending can also be cited to explain the ongoing aircraft window frame industry expansion. According to reliable estimates, it is anticipated that the number of scheduled passengers across the world would stand at approximately 4.6 billion by the end of this year.

U.S. Aircraft Window Frame Market, By Aircraft, 2018 & 2025, (Units)
U.S. Aircraft Window Frame Market, By Aircraft, 2018 & 2025, (Units)

Rising preference for the usage of lightweight materials for lowering the total weight of the aircraft along with advancements in production technologies have been instrumental in making aircraft window frames a critical component of the modern-age airplanes. Moreover, stringent government regulations mandating the appropriate testing and validation of window frames prior to installation has proved to be beneficial for impelling aircraft window frame market trends over the forecast timeline.

Speaking of the testing regulations and procedures laid out for the aircraft window frames, these products are tested for chemical resistance to chemicals like jet fuel, hydraulic fluid, abrasion, rust or rain erosion as well as temperature control, bird strike testing, and pressure. Multiple standard procedures maintained by government agencies across the globe for continuously monitoring the airworthiness of these frames has emerged as one of the major factors that has led to innovation and extensive research by prominent industry players.

For instance, PPG Industries, Inc., one of the world’s oldest manufacturers of aerospace windows, has recently developed an Opticor Advanced Transparency Material with advanced crack and impact propagation resistance properties. Apparently, it is being said that this new material can be utilized in the production of both passenger windows and other windshields. Moreover, this material is likely to act as a significant component in placing high-performance panes on airplanes ranging from fighter jets to commercial aircraft and business jets.

The new material developed by PPG Industries signifies the scope of efforts being undertaken by industry players to develop light weight components. Moreover, multiple research projects and innovation programs are gaining prominence across developed countries so as to strengthen their respective defense arsenal in the form of stealth aircrafts.

Speaking of the stealth or fighter jets, it is imperative to note that militaries of developed nations are increasingly focusing on adding new airplanes to strengthen their existing air defense strategy, essentially boosting the growth prospects of aircraft window frame industry. The foremost instance of the same is the U.S. Air Force which recently announced that it would go ahead with its decision to buy new F-15 fighter jets.

For the record, the new jet – named F-15X – is a thoroughly modern update of the F-15 Eagle air superiority fighter. It has an impressive airframe life span of around 20,000 hours owing to the strengthened airframes which also provide the jet with increased maneuverability.

In terms of geographical expansion, the North America aircraft window frame market size is expected to witness a commendable progression in the upcoming years. This growth can apparently be accredited to the presence of numerous marquee aircraft manufacturers across the region such as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, and Dassault. Additionally, the robust network of distributors and suppliers focusing on the development of lightweight and advanced components would favor the North America aircraft window frame industry.

Owing to the varied research programs being undertaken by industry players along with a steep increase in military spending by various governments, the commercialization prospects of aircraft window frame market appear highly promising. The prominent industry participants include The Nordam Group, SIFCO Industries, PPG Industries Inc., GKN Aerospace, LMI Aerospace, ACE Advanced Composite Engineering GmbH, and Otto Fuchs KG. The key strategies adopted by these firms such as long-term contracts and service agreements with aircraft makers would positively impact aircraft window frame market size, which is forecast to surpass an impressive figure of USD 180 million by 2025.

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