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Alpha Lipoic Acid Market to set new growth frontiers by offering cures for chronic ailments

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Alpha lipoic acid market has been forecast to exhibit a surging growth potential in the ensuing years. This upward curve in the growth map of this business space can be credited to many essential factors, one of the more common ones being, the mounting demand for this compound subject to the drastic changes in the consumer behavior with regards to obesity and fitness. Researchers have gathered various empirical evidences that demonstrate the successful utilization of alpha lipoic acid (ALA) across the medical, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and food supplements sectors, a factor that will be responsible for the commercialization of alpha lipoic acid market in the coming years. The usage of ALA has been proved to be quite beneficial (in some cases) for humans, since the product intake is said to positively affect the nervous, immune, and cardiovascular systems of the human body. Pertaining to the crucial fact that ALA holds a unique position among various natural antioxidants, as justified through experimental evidences, alpha lipoic acid industry has been forecast to cross a valuation of USD 19 million by 2024.


U.S. alpha lipoic acid market size, by product, 2013 - 2024 (USD Thousand)
U.S. alpha lipoic acid market size, by product, 2013 - 2024 (USD Thousand)


For most parts, it has been proved that ALA is an effective therapeutic agent for treating medical conditions such as diabetes that are associated with oxidative stress. ALA has apparently exhibited an ability to reduce the glucose proportion in diabetics. ALA supplements provide manifold benefits – they help to improve the mitochondrial functions of body cells and lower the oxidative stress related to aging & various ailments, which will undeniably lead to an upswing in alpha lipoic acid industry size.

An insight into the application trends of alpha lipoic acid market:

Experimental studies have revealed the health benefits of ALA supplements consumption in the doses ranging between 301 to 1,799 mg per day. Its consumption is proved to be safe by most medical practitioners, only if they are consumed in strictly prescribed proportions, as excess ALA consumption was found to cause skin allergies and gastrointestinal disorders.

Based on the research reports from a reputed journal - Neuroimmunology & Neuroinflammation, ALA may be capable enough to treat patients affected by secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. In the event that this treatment methodology is proved with further solid evidences, it may leave a profound impact on alpha lipoic acid industry size.

The Oregon Health & Science University (OSHU) had recently carried out a trial on 51 patients suffering from secondary progressive multiple sclerosis disorder for two years. Twenty-seven of these patients were provided with 1200 mg of ALA/day, while the other 24 were given the placebo treatment. The study was aimed at detecting the product’s ability to control the brain atrophy rate in patients through magnetic resonance imaging technique. The results depicted that more than 60% patients exhibited signs of fast recovery and slowing of the brain atrophy rate after they were treated with ALA. This positive outcome of ALA may result in the commercialization of this product for multiple sclerosis treatment, which will eventually benefit the growth path of alpha lipoic acid market.

In one of the many experiments carried out to treat cancer, it was detected that the consumption of ALA affects the phenotypes of non-lung cell lung cancer derived H460, H23, and H292 cells. These cancer stem cells can renew themselves and possesses the ability to increase tumor growth along with metastasis. Scientists have also found that the product can prove to be helpful in preventing atherosclerosis, which will encourage new entrants and established players to make substantial investments in cancer research. Eventually, they will try to explore the untapped growth potential of alpha lipoic acid market and generate lucrative business opportunities.

Delving into the regional landscape of alpha lipoic acid market

Despite being at a fairly nascent stage, alpha lipoic acid industry has established its footprints across numerous geographies. The extensive improvement depicted in the healthcare sector across APAC coupled with the advent of highly sophisticated medical facilities will augment the regional alpha lipoic acid market profitably. This is quite evident from the statistics – APAC alpha lipoic acid industry is expected to depict a cumulative growth of more than 7% over 2017-2024. With the presence of a huge number of pharmaceutical firms in countries such as China and India, APAC is expected to make substantial contributions toward global alpha lipoic acid market. The industry is also expected to modestly penetrate the Europe belt in the next few years.

Alpha lipoic acid market has been anticipated to display an immense growth potential across the globe. This tangible elevation can be mainly ascribed to the ever-expanding application landscape of alpha lipoic acid industry. Unrefutably, the business stands to gain huge profits from various end-use sectors across the globe. On these grounds, Global Market Insights, Inc., claims alpha lipoic acid market to portray a laudable growth rate of more than 6% over 2017-2024, having attained a revenue of over USD 11 million in 2016. Though still in the initial stages, alpha lipoic industry is expected to witness a fair number of mergers & acquisitions and strategic alliances. Novel product developments are also in the pipeline, which will prominently influence the profitability landscape of alpha lipoic acid industry.

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