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3 major trends impacting assembly machine market outlook over 2019-2025

Publisher : Fractovia | Published Date : 2019-12-20Request Sample

Global assembly machine market size will be prominently driven by increasing demand for automated manufacturing processes to enhance work quality by minimizing errors and reducing variability in output. These machines can be used to replace human labors for performing repetitive and hazardous tasks during the manufacturing process.

Emerging trends of Industry 4.0 and smart factories are encouraging manufacturers to invest in latest production tools and technologies, stimulating the business growth. Many companies are producing ISO 9001-2008 certified equipment, which helps ensure quality of manufactured products and components.

Manufacturers are deploying technologies to comply with international health and hygiene standards and optimize manufacturing operations.

Enumerated below are some factors bolstering assembly machine industry outlook over 2019-2025.

  • Increased need for cost reduction

Manufacturers across various sectors including automotive, electronics, cosmetics and pharmaceutical are deploying automated machinery to boost production and sales of their goods. Automated assembly enhances reliability and optimization, offering increased flexibility and rapid process monitoring.

Machines are able to perform effectively simply tasks such as filling, sorting, and labeling, enabling manufacturers to enhance their productivity, which will propel assembly machine market forecast over the coming years.

Manufacturers around the world are focusing on enhancing their profitability and reducing operating costs. Use of fully automated assembly machines help streamline manufacturing and facilitates mass production, minimizing any product defects.

The equipment deliver maximum efficiency in assembly processes and help minimize energy costs owing to low heating requirements. Fully automated operations enhance productivity and accuracy during production.

  • Prominent use in healthcare sector

Increasing focus on designing high quality products to ensure patient safety is driving the business growth from the healthcare sector. Automated assembly equipment help produce medical devices and equipment that can drill, bend, polish needles, barb and form structures, and assemble catheters and syringes.

Designing these tools by hand is time-consuming and slows down overall workflow. These machines significantly reduce manpower, improve accuracy and reliability while increasing production speed.

In the healthcare industry, disposable devices form a crucial part of medical, dental as well as veterinary practices. Use of disposable tools enhances efficiency and minimizes the risk of infections. Sales of medical disposables in the U.S. surpassed USD 50 billion in 2018.

Medical devices such as inhalers, syringes, catheters and other disposables require accurate and precise manufacturing, fueling assembly machine industry size. Strict norms in healthcare and pharmaceutical industries require manufacturers to ensure safety and efficacy of regulated medical devices.

  • Booming manufacturing sector in Asia Pacific

Manufacturing sector in countries such as India and China is witnessing rapid growth owing to low labor and manufacturing costs, optimum infrastructure, technically skilled workforce and increasing investments from manufacturers.

Evolving trends in digitization across the region allow manufacturers to expand their business operations while minimizing costs. Asia pacific assembly machine market size constituted 40% of the overall business share in 2018.

The Singapore Government had launched the Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) in November 2017 to assist businesses in transforming towards Industry 4.0. Similarly, countries such as Indonesia and Thailand have launched their own Industry 4.0 initiatives to boost the production quality in manufacturing processes, propelling the technology adoption. Such initiatives will undoubtedly expand global assembly machine industry outlook.

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